5 Ways For You To Get Fit for Spring

Original Post written by Andrea Wiggins, Certified Personal Trainer in Austin, TX

Believe it or not, Spring has sprung! And now is the time when we all start to get a little excited and a little nervous. We’re excited because the birds are chirping, we’re starting to see a little more sunlight, the flowers are starting to bloom, and the weather is warming up. And we’re a little nervous because that also means shorts, tank tops, and yep – bathing suits! But before you start stressing out and jumping onto some crazy fad diet, here are some super simple and fun ways to start working on that summer body without it feeling like work:

Plug in some Self-Care

This may be a new way of thinking for you but self-care if huge for helping you to maintain your health and improve your overall fitness. Knowing how to slow down and listen to your body is incredibly important when it comes to preventing injury and burnout. How do you like to treat yourself? Is it a massage? Day at the spa? Day trip with the girlfriends? It’s time to make a habit of plugging in times of self-care into your calendar.

Get Outdoors

This time of year, before it gets blazing hot outside, is the perfect time to plug in some hiking, biking or any outdoor activities. Going on a hike, for example, is an amazing way to not only get out in nature, but it’s also an easy way to burn some calories, build some endurance and challenge muscles you didn’t even know you had. And also, a great way to grab some Vitamin D!

Mix it up with some new classes

There’s nothing better for keeping your fitness exciting than changing things up every once in a while. And spring is the perfect time to try a new class. Orange Theory, F45, Barre, PiYo…. there are so many amazing options out there to challenge your body in different ways and keep your fitness exciting. My favorite when I want to switch things up is boxing!

Hire a trainer

Being accountable to someone and having a professional create a custom plan for you to reach your goals is a perfect way to jump start your fitness. The comradery and built in accountability, along with a personalized program allows you to get super specific about what you want to accomplish and then know that you have a plan for making it happen.

Try some new recipes

Just like with fitness, the same ole thing in the kitchen can sometimes get boring…and lead to unhealthy choices. So why not use the change in seasons as a time to change up your recipes. There are tons of amazing healthy recipe sites out there. And of course, my favorite go-to for healthy recipes  Pinterest.
So, who’s ready to rock out their Spring?

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