Prepped n’ Plated delivers fresh, healthy, ready to go meals right to your doorstep. Eat better on-the-go or at home with bi-weekly deliveries. We cook & deliver. You heat & eat. All meals are prepped & delivered in the same day providing you with the freshest meal prep possible. Nothing is ever frozen & we provide a great variety with a changing weekly menu. Ordering for the first time? Visit to place your order, and enter “RIGHTFIT” when asked how you found out about Prepped n’ Plated.


Each individual meals ranges from $10 – $14.75. Other snacks and sides are priced at $5. We offer breakfast, lunch & dinner. These prices include all taxes and delivery cost. A minimum of 6 meals is required per order.

Numbers 1-10 are considered meals. All items labeled by letter are considered a side or snack. Three sides or snacks will count as one meal toward your 6 meal minimum.

The menu will be sent via email on Wednesday for the following week. Deliveries take place on Monday and Thursday evenings. To receive a delivery of meals on Monday you must place your order by 5pm on Friday. To receive a delivery of meals on Thursday you must place your order Tuesday by noon. Deliveries will be anytime from 4-9pm.

Prior to your delivery you will receive an email stating the 30 minute window of your delivery for your convenience. If you are not around to receive delivery at these times please contact me and we can figure out an alternate solution. All orders are kept in cooler bags and can be left outside of your door/with the front desk/ in mailroom for up to 4 hours. Upon delivery all meals will need to be refrigerated to keep quality. Meals can be warmed up to your preference, try to avoid over heating. The containers are microwave and dishwasher safe. Fish and salad dishes are recommended to eat within the first or second day.

Meals are good for up to 7 days. I recommend no longer than 4 days for freshness. With deliveries being twice a week you can plan to receive fresh meals every 3-4 days.

Payment can be made electronically with Venmo/Chase QuickPay when you place your order or cash at time of delivery.

Each meal on the menu is labeled with a number to ease the ordering process. To order, simply respond to the email with the numbers of the items you would like. If you would like more than one of the same meal, simply write the number twice. Your order should look something like this: #1,3,4,5,6,6,7,8,10.

Macros are stated for each meal on the menu as well as on each container. All meals are prepared for your health benefit, for example, greek yogurt will always be subbed for recipes that include mayo or sour cream, so do not be too concerned when using those toppings, as they are low in calories too.