Create a Healthy Company

We want to help your company get fit. A strong corporate wellness program can be the backbone of an organization, as healthy employees are more productive than their unhealthy counterparts. At RightFit Personal Training, we offer our corporate partners any type of fitness class led by a vetted and experienced fitness professional.

Corporate Fitness Benefits

Decreased Turnover

Improved Employee Morale

Decreased Workplace Stress

Increased Bottom Line

What We Offer



There is no better way to improve the mind-body connection than through the practice of yoga.



Learn technique and sweat like crazy! Don’t worry, you won’t be punching each other.



Just looking to move around and loosen up in the middle of a workday? A stretching class might be just what the doctor ordered!


Total Body Bootcamp

No matter your fitness level, this full body workout will get your heart pumping and muscles working.



You can dance your way to your fitness goals with our Zumba classes! You will be a dancing pro by the end of the class.


You Call It!

If there is a specific type of class you want, we can deliver! Whether it’s dance, Pilates, or anything else, we will satisfy your fitness needs.

Group exercise in the workplace benefits employees in a multitude of ways. Exercise has been proven to reverse negative mental states such as depression and stress, two factors that lead to a decrease in work productivity. On average, employees who exercise also eat healthier, drink less alcohol, and smoke less compared to their counterparts. Other benefits of exercise include improved clarity of thought, reduced stress and anxiety, and increased happiness. It might seem obvious, but happy employees are less likely to quit their jobs than unhappy employees.

Companies We Work With

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Corporate Fitness FAQs

Do we need workout equipment?

No! Depending on the class, everything can be done without equipment.

How much does this cost?

Pricing varies based on class duration and level of commitment. We don’t charge per person, so as many employees as possible can participate.

Where can these classes take place?

Conference rooms, cafeterias, and warehouse space all suffice as a corporate fitness “studio”. When the weather cooperates you can even take the classes outdoors.

Interested in Corporate Fitness?

Contact us today to schedule a class!