How to find the best Houston Personal Trainers

How to find the best Houston Personal Trainers

Looking for ways on how to find the best Houston personal trainers? If so, you are at the right place. A personal trainer can be best described as a qualified individual who has the capacity to coach others so as to achieve the desired level of fitness. As a norm, a personal trainer can help one achieve various fitness goals. Be it general fitness, body building or even weight loss, a personal trainer is the best bet when it comes to achieving this. However, the process of finding a personal trainer within the Houston area can be quite challenging mostly due to the number of individuals offering this type of service. For Houston residents, the following overview of factors to consider when selecting the best personal trainer might come in handy during the selection process.

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This is perhaps one of the most important factors that should be considered when selecting the best Houston personal trainer. When it comes to reputation, the surest way of ascertaining whether a personal trainer has the best reputation is through referrals. Referrals can either be on a personal basis or from a personal trainer agency with one of the most notable agencies offering this type of service within the Houston area being RightFit Personal Training.

Acquiring the services of a Houston personal trainer through a referral from an agency is considered a sure bet since all trainers are thoroughly vetted and you are assured of not only the perfect match but also best quality training.

Registration and Certifications

Certification of a personal trainer should be top on your list of priorities when it comes to how to find the best Houston personal trainers. Like any other field, there exists a number of licensing and certification agencies within the field of personal training. There are a number of licensing and certification institutions which are licensed to carry out this with some of the most popular being the National Strength and Conditioning Association also known as NSCA, The National Academy of Sports Medicine NASM and also the American Council of Exercise just but to name a few.

By acquiring the services of certified Houston personal trainers, you are assured the best possible training when personal trainers have been trained at a professional level and can offer better services when compared to uncertified trainers.

Area of specialization

You most likely have specific fitness goals you want to achieve. As such, it would be in your best interest to go for a personal trainer whose scope lies within your area of interest so as to achieve the best results. Finding such a trainer can be quite challenging but thanks to personal training agencies, this can be a walk in the park due to the large pool of trainers from which you can make a choice.


Consistency is key when it comes to achieving your fitness goals. The availability of a personal trainer is considered being integral when selecting the best personal trainer. As a rule, the trainer should be able to fit within your schedule for you to be able to consistently train and achieve your fitness goals.

By considering the above overview on how to find the best Houston personal trainers, you are assured of getting the best trainer for your needs.

At RightFit Personal Training, we have the best solution when it comes to Houston personal trainers. Get to choose from our large pool of not only experienced but also certified personal trainers for various disciplines.

What to know before hiring Houston Personal Trainers

What to know before hiring Houston Personal Trainers

Are you a Houston resident looking for the best Houston personal trainers, then Rightfit Houston Personal Training is your best option for comparing the top trainers in the area. Making a decision to get fit is a great first step and one you should be very proud of. The second step would be to start off with your fitness program and there is no better way of achieving this than through a personal trainer. Personal trainers are a great asset for anyone planning on getting fit. However, when selecting a personal trainer there are a few things you need to know to be able to select the best trainer for you. For Houston residents searching for the best Houston personal trainers, the following is an overview of some important factors and things you need to know.

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Like any other professional field, certification is very important when it comes to a personal trainer. There are a number of accredited organizations such as the American Council of Exercise (ACE) and the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) which offer professional training and certifications for professional personal trainers.

As a rule, you should always ensure that a personal trainer has some form of certification from a professional body as this will ensure the quality of service they offer.


Experience also features prominently on the list of things you need to know before hiring Houston personal trainers. It is said that practice makes perfect and as such, a trainer who has been around the block a few times has likely tested and perfected a number of techniques that can help you achieve remarkable results. It is in view of this that experienced personal trainers are highly recommended.

At Rightfit Personal Trainers, we have experienced, professional trainers in various specialties and you will be getting the best possible service and remarkable results.


Chances are that you are going to spend plenty of time with your personal and it would be in your best interest to go for a trainer whom you have good rapport with. Spend some time with the trainer, find out about their personality, then if you feel comfortable with the individual make your decision


There are personal trainers for various specialties. For instance, there are trainers who focus specifically on body building, others on cardio exercises, while others specialize in cross-training. As a rule, always ensure that you go for a personal trainer whose specialty falls within your scope of interest to get the most out of the training

Rightfit Personal Training takes pride in offering the best solution for your needs. Whether you are looking for a body building, aerobics or even cardio trainer, we will get you the best fit based on your personal preferences.

Take a look at our trainers based in the Houston metropolitan area or contact us today for more information.

Are you looking for Houston personal trainers?

Are you looking for Houston personal trainers?

2017 is upon us and the New Year’s resolutions have been made. Many people are going to be focused on getting in shape and need to have the motivation and guidance to get it done from the beginning. Hiring a personal trainer can be one of the best things that you can do.

It is a very important decision when looking for a personal trainer that is the perfect match for your needs. It takes some time and research to find a fitness guru that will be able to get you in shape at your pace. Whether you are just starting out with a fitness regiment or have experience with a work out schedule, a personal trainer will make you reach your desired goals.

Personal Trainer Houston, Brady R.

There are many personal trainers in the Houston, Texas area but our website has listed some of the best ones available to provide you with the ability to search and compare different instructors to meet your needs. RightFit Personal Training has a compilation of the best talent in the Houston area. Each personal trainer that has a profile on our website has the experience to get you in shape or be able to establish a fitness routine that will enable you to have a healthier lifestyle.

Why use RightFit Personal Training?

RightFit Personal Training allows you to compare many different personal trainers with their skillsets and costs at your fingertips. You can read reviews and even contact the personal trainer that has met your criteria. To view the personal trainers in the Houston area, simply click on our list.

The list of trainers includes their certifications and specialties as well as a description of the services each trainer offers. Most of the trainers offer both in home and training at a fitness center near you. You can find the areas they serve on each listing. Whether you are looking for cardio, weight training or nutritional consultation, RightFit Personal Training will have the perfect match for your needs.

Start by taking our survey to see how what your fitness goals are and then match up with the perfect trainer to meet your needs. RightFit Personal Training makes the search for your trainer an easy process that will connect you with your trainer and get your fitness goals met.

Do you even lift (with proper form)?

By Dr. Doug Krefman
Chicago Spine and Sports

Chicago ChrioHave you ever bent over to pick something up or lift a weight off the ground and have your back immediately go into spasm? How can this simple task cause so much pain and disability? Having your back “go out” is a common occurrence for many Americans every year. In fact, 85% of Americans will experience back pain at some point in their lives. Having proper bending and lifting technique will go a long way in preventing these events in the future.

Most people have heard the saying “lift with your hips, not with your back” but why is this important? When we round forward with our low back while lifting, we strain the collagen layers of the spinal disc. This strain while simultaneously adding weight or load at the gym can cause the disc to bulge or herniate causing low back and sometimes sciatic pain.

As a sports chiropractor and movement specialist, I stress the importance of maintaining “neutral spine” while doing rehab exercises and working out at the gym. This will improve spine health and minimize the risk of developing low back injuries. Below is a simple exercise called the “hip hinge” that is a good warm up prior to lifting. For any questions, feel free to contact me at

Cancer Survivor Turned Personal Trainer – Brady Roberts

Houston Personal Trainer Brady Roberts

Personal Trainer Houston, Brady R.As a kid, I was never interested in being active. I was an unhealthy eater (yes– jack in the box). I was severely overweight and unhappy. At the age of 17, I began training to climb a mountain. This was with a group of friends and involved stadium running, at the track at a local college. It also involved giving up many bad habits I had developed earlier in life. Once I started, I caught the fitness bug and that was all I needed to be set on a path towards a career in fitness. I started to like what I saw in the mirror and I found that healthy eating not only made me feel good inside, it made me look better as well! The ice cream and fast food were a thing of the past. Amazingly enough, it has been ten years since I have a drop of soda.

My next step was to think about what I wanted to do in life. I was entering college and I knew many people who were making a lot of money, but they were not happy. I asked myself, “what’s the only thing you really enjoy doing?” Then it came to me… “Fitness”. I was now set on the path to get a degree from the University of Houston in kinesiology. After graduating, I began working at a local independent gym. Everything was going great, but shortly after developing a full clientele I was diagnosed with cancer. This was shocking! How could I be so “healthy” and get this? Upon hearing my diagnosis, I was initially filled with anger and sadness. It took some time, but I eventually forged a path of determination to beat the disease. I was at stage 3, meaning the cancer had already spread to other parts of my body. I was told I had a 50% chance to survive, but this wasn’t going to deter me from my goal of living a long and healthy life. I continued to eat healthy and workout as much as I could between chemotherapy treatments. With sustained health as my priority, I would not make excuses. To my doctor’s surprise, I responded perfectly to the treatment. I was a “text book” success.

After two surgeries, including one that cut out a part of my lung I was now declared in remission. The treatment had worked and I was a cancer survivor. I credit my success to two things – good doctors and sticking with my health routines. Too many people get a diagnosis and succumb mentally to it. This has been shown in studies to decrease your survival rate. Never give up, never stop trying to be healthy!

Over 10 years later, I am still cancer free and a full time personal trainer. I am working with several cancer survivors and others with complicated medical conditions. Many of these individuals didn’t make the decision to change until later in life. I want everyone to know that it is never too late. Fitness is a mindset, and health and mobility only become more important later in life. Recent studies have shown that it only takes one or two exercise sessions per week to cut your risk of an early death by almost a third.

I hope this entry can encourage others who may be struggling emotionally or with health concerns to start focusing on exercise. Whatever your goals may be, becoming fit and developing healthy habits can help you daily. Living a healthy lifestyle can also get you through the worst of life and come out on the other side as a stronger, focused individual.

Contact Brady today to schedule a complementary introductory session. RightFit Personal Training is a marketplace of the best personal trainers in Houston.

Houston Personal Trainer – Maurice Walker

Houston Personal Trainer Maurice WWhy did you become a personal trainer?
I’ve always been active in sports and athletic activities; since my early childhood days throughout high school. However, once I got to college, more responsibilities and less freedom caused my activity involvement to slow down. This continued after graduating college and entering Corporate America, which promoted more laziness for me. Seeing myself slowly getting out of shape, I started working out again and getting more into health & fitness. The more I got into the healthy lifestyle, the more logical it became to me that I could profit off of the time I was spending in the gym. After that, I researched getting certified and obtained my certification and began training professionally.

What are your favorite things about being a personal trainer?
My favorite thing about being a trainer is seeing the changes and improvements in my clients over time. There is no greater feeling for the client and myself than seeing them accomplish something they couldn’t do before. Great trainers help their clients look and feel great.

If you could train one celebrity, who would it be and why?
If I could train one celebrity, it would be Denzel Washington. He seems like a wise and intelligent man and being able to train him would give me an opportunity to pick his brain and get some valuable guidance and information from him.

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If you had one workout style to describe yourself, what would it be?
The one training style I think best describes me is high intensity interval training or HIIT. I am a very active and high-energy person, and I feel stagnant when I’m not working on something productive.

In your mind, what is the single biggest benefit for someone to hire a personal trainer?
The single greatest benefit to hiring a personal trainer is that it will SAVE you money in the long run. One medical bill from surgery is equivalent to at least 1 year worth of training with a decent trainer. Instead of being reactive to health problems, be proactive about your health and start doing something now.

What are your hobbies?
Training, reading, football, and sleep.

Any guilty pleasures?

Check out Maurice’s Thanksgiving Body Blast Workout below… It’s a KILLER!

Contact Maurice to schedule a risk free introductory session today! RightFit Personal Training is your trusted network of Houston Personal Trainers.

RightFit Personal Training expands to Houston… But why Houston?

As many of you know, RightFit Personal Training is a marketplace of independent personal trainers; we will match you with the perfect personal trainer based on your preferences. After a few years and a lot of hard work, we successfully became the most reputable and highly visible personal trainer marketplace in Chicago; the third largest market in the country. In 2016 alone, we successfully matched 210 people with trainers and logged over 5,000 training hours. I truly believe that we are the best collection of personal trainers in Chicago, and I tell that to every prospective client. While we might not be the cheapest option, we know that our professionalism and overall personal training services are second to none. The fact that trainers like Cristina PanagopoulusTony Rossi, and Erin Bahadur have kept RightFit clients coming back for years is indicative of the high quality service we provide. The dedication to fitness that our trainers exude motivates our clients to put forth maximum effort during each session. Through personal training, our clients become overall healthier individuals and they learn how to exercise properly on their own. What RightFit Personal Training has become in Chicago should not be limited to one market, which is why we are strategically expanding to Houston, Texas.

Expected to SURPASS our beloved hometown as the third largest city in America, Houston is booming, and it’s fitness industry is no exception. A year ago, I took a trip out there to meet with a handful of trainers, and I couldn’t have been more impressed. I was greeted with open arms and each trainer had something different to offer. They were highly professional and displayed a genuine passion for fitness and personal wellness. From that point, I knew that Houston would be the perfect second market to enter. Currently with over fifty personal trainers in Houston, we are looking to become the most highly regarded personal trainer marketplace in Houston. If you are a certified personal trainer looking to build your independent business, contact us today to learn more.

Houston Personal Trainer – LaTisha Meads

Houston Personal Trainer LaTisha MWhy did you become a personal trainer?
My mom was an obese woman and she’d ask me to help her and workout with her. When she started to her progress and results, her smile was amazing and I saw pure joy on her face. I want to help bring that same joy and happiness to others.

What are your favorite things about being a personal trainer?
We save lives! We help others gain confidence, regain self-love, and regenerate self-worth.

If you could train one celebrity, who would it be and why?
Andre Iguodala. He is great basketball player and I believe I can help him improve his skills to be an even better asset to his team. Basketball also happens to be my favorite sport, and he plays for my favorite team… The Golden State Warriors!

If you had one workout style to describe yourself, what would it be?
Functional. I train people to lead better, healthier, and pain free lives.

In your mind, what is the single biggest benefit for someone to hire a personal trainer?
Accountability! A personal trainer will help support you through your journey with positive reinforcement.

What are your hobbies?
Basketball, photography, and mentoring teenagers

Any guilty pleasures?
Peanut butter, cookies, & banana pudding.

Contact LaTisha to schedule a risk free introductory session today! RightFit Personal Training is your trusted network of Houston Personal Trainers.