Don’t Swipe On Your Health

Original Post written by Maggie Priore, Certified Personal Trainer in Chicago, IL

We are presented with a plethora of options everyday; many of these are “instant” thanks to technology. We can order groceries from our phones, swipe to make a date, and now, we can have virtual personal trainers and fast access to working out via Instagram and other fitness apps.
Trust me; I get it. It’s hard to get into the mindset to go to the gym and workout. It’s hard to lose weight, it’s hard to figure out why you’re busting your butt at the gym and eating kale salads, only to feel like you’re not getting anywhere. When things are instant, they seem much more appealing. Fitness apps, virtual trainers, Class Pass, boutique gyms are all trendy, fun and typically not as big of a financial investment as hiring a personal trainer. But it’s an easy way out. Just like how it’s harder to ask someone out in person instead of “swiping right.” But when it comes to your health, don’t you want to make an investment?

“With so many fitness options, personal training still reigns king”

I have been working in the fitness industry for three years and before that, I worked as a professional dancer, constantly trying the latest fitness trends to cross train with my dancing. Becoming a personal trainer, and working with other fitness professionals, I have learned that personal training is more than just giving someone a set of squats and bicep curls. We are your accountability coaches. We are investing in you, as much as you are investing in us. I have clients of all different fitness levels and all different ages; all with different fitness goals. Each one gets treated differently, because every person is in a different mindset. Being fit is not just a physical thing; it’s a lifestyle. Your personal trainer is not just focusing on getting you “fit.” They are helping you get into a healthy state of mind. An app can’t help you do that. Do you remember the last time you got up close and personal with an app? I can’t either.
Investing in your health is a big deal. If you don’t think it is then you are not serious about getting in shape. Taking the easy way out will not get you to your goals. It’s easy to stop using an app, or go to a class. Personal training keeps you in check. We want to see you progress, get healthy, love working out and achieving your goals. When you hire a trainer, you are hiring someone to invest in you, mind and body. My clients know that when they commit to me, they are committing to a lifestyle change, not just one hour a week of sweating. That to me is the biggest reason personal training still reigns king of the fitness industry. I don’t even need to touch on the fact that apps and group fit won’t correct form, customize workouts, track your progress or give you the atta boys that you may need sometimes. The proof is in the results you see. Invest in a trainer; invest in your fitness; don’t just swipe. Your health is more important than a swipe.

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