Between cycling, bootcamps, yoga and much more, Austin is seeing a large number of people focusing on their physical fitness. Austin is even one of the few lucky cities to have a city surf, for those looking to get on a surfboard in the middle of Texas. For those looking to either start their fitness journey, or bring it to the next level, they often look for a personal trainer in Austin.  With so many options for personal trainers, as well as so many different budgets, finding the right personal trainer can be difficult. RightFit has one hundred personal trainers in the Austin area, with a range of specialties and meeting a variety of budgets.

Austin, Texas

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To help you quickly and easily find the best personal trainers in Austin, we have listed below the top rated trainers at Rightfit. The trainers below have received positive reviews on the RightFit page, or have had clients submit positive feedback. Below are the best personal trainers in Austin, Sam G. and Andrea W., along with additional details about each trainer, including their certifications, specialties, locations serviced and their pricing range.

Sam G.

Sam has been training professionally since 2016 and spent most of her life growing up as a gymnast. Gymnastics has helped her understand the importance of proper form, and has helped her develop a fine tuned eye for the right form. She is a proponent of activities that keep one entertained. Sam adapts her programs to fit a style that works best for the client and how they best learn. Sam has multiple positive reviews on RightFit including one that states “If you’re looking for a smart trainer that truly invests in you, keeps your on your feet and has a good time while doing it, Sam is your girl!” Since Sam is big on building relationships with her clients we wanted to included that additionally her hobbies include, singing, guitar, pyrography (woodburning) and carving.
Her certifications include: NASM
Her specialties include: Athletic Training, Balance Training, Core Training, Full body, Functional Training, General Wellness/Fitness, Low Impact Training, Muscle Gain, Weight Loss, and Weight Management
Austin Locations serviced include: 78701, 78702, 78703, 78704 and 78745
Rates: Home and facility rates are both $80 a hour, while group rates are $120 a hour.

Andrea W.

Andrea has been training professionally since early 2006, but has been involved in fitness for over 20 years. Her goal is to help her clients overcome their fears and help them build the body and life that they want. She believes in training that allows you to function in everyday life, but also look good at the beach. Core stability and full body are where she specializes, because she says they are the foundation for a healthy and happy body. She wants her clients to expect to work, but also plan to have a lot of fun in their sessions as well. Each session will ALWAYS include attention to proper form and establishing and maintaining a strong core. She has had clients that have reached out to RightFit directly letting us know their enjoyment working with her.
Her certifications include: NSCA, NPTI, TRX
Her specialties include: Body Transformation, Circuit Training, Core Training, Fat Loss, Fitness Assessments, Full body, Functional Training, General Wellness/Fitness, Personalized Fitness, Strength Training and Wellness
Austin Locations serviced include: 78726
Rates: Home rates are $95 a hour and Facility is $85.


These are currently the best personal trainers on RightFit based on rating and customer feedback, however there are many more options. View our all our Austin Personal Trainers, to find the RightFit for you.
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