Written by Chicago Personal Trainer Daniel Lew

There are many benefits from personal training.  Working with the right trainer, will greatly help you to accomplish your goals and take control of your destiny.

The art of personal training involves creating an enjoyable and efficient workout that will also improve the way parts of an interrelated system work together. Move better!

Personal trainers have the knowledge to help people safely progress and increase the intensity of their workouts.  I have many people who started training with me after finishing their physical therapy or rehab program.

After 10 years and over 10,000 session hours as a personal trainer, I have developed an intuitive sense for predictable patterns that adversely affect healthy movement.

My programs are thoughtfully developed and sustainable over the long run.  I have many training clients that have continued to stay with me for several years.  Every day, I see the enjoyment people have as they greatly improve their form and are able to do an exercise correctly by the end of each session that could not be done at the beginning.

An essential benefit of hiring a personal trainer is learning how to exercise with correct form.  This is the best way to develop an awareness of your movement patterns.  Watching your form in the mirror is not always possible.  Since the body follows the eye, looking up into a mirror will compromise your form.

Simply put, there’s more to having good posture, than just commanding yourself to stand up straight.  Personal training will greatly help you to improve your mind muscle connection and improve your posture.

As your trainer, I help you to build the connection between your mind and muscles.  When performing an exercise, I noticed that people are often quick to attribute the cause of their mistakes to not being focused.  The deeper reason involves the way default patterns are embedded in the muscles.  This inhibits the person from staying connected and following through the motion.

Another important benefit is that a personal trainer will help you stay on track and be accountable for times when a voice outside yourself truly helps you keep going.  Developing a successful mindset is a learned skill that a good trainer can empower you with and own for yourself.

Daniel Lew is a Certified Personal Trainer in Chicago, IL. Find more personal trainers in Chicago at RightFit Personal Training.