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About Daniel L

Move Better!
Strength Training Program to Help you Move and Feel Better Every Day of Your Life.

Hello, I am Daniel Lew and I would enjoy helping you to reach your fitness goals. I will help you to look and feel better. I am a highly experienced master level trainer. My experience is the key factor that draws many of my clients. I have worked with many different types of clients in over 10,000 hours of training sessions. I have worked with people ages 17 to 84. I have been working as a Certified Professional Personal Trainer by ACE (American Council on Exercise) for over ten years. I am very focused and pay close attention to every client. I will help you workout your whole body safely and efficiently.

I personally enjoy intense strength training sessions that include high intensity interval training. For instance, sprinting up hills and vigorously punching the boxing heavy bag for cardio. However, my knowledge and experience with healthy program design has helped many people transition back into the gym from physical therapy or after recovery from an injury.

I became a personal trainer to help people. The positive impact of helping people to move better is rewarding for both the client and myself. In every session, my clients experience the benefits of exercise and improve their quality of life.


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  • Hourly rate: $80

  • Session cancellation: 24 hours notice required

Training Philosophy
I have a functional approach to getting fit. You will learn how to move better. This will help you to achieve your goals and to maintain your hard won success.

Training Professionally Since
January 1, 2007

Typical Training Session

The part of my job that I enjoy the most is seeing people perform an exercise by the end of the session that they could not do at the beginning. It is more than getting a client to focus. It is actually training the body to override default patterns that occur automatically and are embedded in tight muscles. I am very effective at coaching people to move with the correct form, and this is possible after the proper warm-up and inclusion of a conditioning phase to prepare the body to move its own weight, and then add on loads.

Understanding how your body moves is essential to your progress. I focus on correct form. I will regularly assess your movement, strength, and flexibility.

My work with you will help you to get the results. I will provide you with both the knowledge and the physical experience necessary in order to reach your strength, fitness, and weight loss goals.

Client success story

Here’s Stacey’s success story in her own words:
“I worked out with Daniel Lew, personal trainer for eight months. I have osteoporosis and because of my work with Daniel I went up 5% in Bone Mass Density in one year. As I continue to work out I believe I will be in the normal range in about a year and a half. Thank you Daniel Lew for your work and expertise!“

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Daniel L

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