Original Post written by Siera Capesius, Certified Personal Trainer in Denver, CO

The love of your life pops the question,  “Will you marry me?” The first week you are on cloud nine until you realize…I need to plan a wedding! Brides nowadays are more aware and motivated to look their best on their wedding day. Thanks to social media photos and hundred of eyes on the bride, more and more brides are hiring personal trainers. I have worked with numerous brides over the years to get them ready for their big day. There are specific bridal training techniques I do with each female for their fitness and nutrition to get them bridal ready. 
The fitness aspect of bridal training differs if their goals are to either to lose weight or gain muscle. For a bride that wants to lose weight, we will focus on circuit training workouts mixed with weight lifting days. For a bride who wants to gain weight, we will do more heavy lifting days and less cardio. I even get down to the details of how the bride wants to looks in her wedding dress: Does she have a strapless dress and wants her back to look lean? Or is her dress mermaid cut and wants to have a hourglass figure? These questions are all important when we train for the brides wedding day. In addition to personal training, each bride has the option to have me go to her dress fitting. This allows me to see how the dress looks and if she needs her body composition to change. But remember the fitness portion is only part of the process.

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The nutrition aspect of bridal training is one of the biggest components to a bride’s body changing in time for her wedding. Each bride works with me directly with understanding how to track macronutrients. Macronutrients consist of protein, carbohydrates and fats. The grams of each macro is important for how the brides body composition will look. When working with me, the first week they need to track their macros to get a sense of what they are eating and what we need to change. From there, they will start their customized nutrition plan that has their protein, carbs, and fats modified to meet their fitness goals. Nutrition is always the number one component to the body changing. When there is an end date (wedding day) females tend to stick better to a nutrition plan and this lead to a drastic body transformation. The motivation behind women wanting to post their wedding photos online has deemed to be a huge success to brides following a fitness regime and wanting to hire a personal trainer. 
Instagram and Facebook are huge motivating factors that make brides want work towards a fitness goal. Now a days, not only are the people who you invited to your wedding looking at you, but so are the thousand of friends/followers the bride has on social media. The more attention that a bride gets the more they want to hire someone to make them look like Beyoncé. As a personal trainer and nutritionist, I will give each bride the tools for success and make their body look like someone should have put a ring on it even sooner. 
With the popularity of social media and gaining followers, brides will take the necessary steps to make sure they are wedding fit. With the proper nutrition followed by a workout routine, a bride’s body will transform into a memorable body for her memorable day. 

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