Whether you live in a town home, condominium, house, or apartment, there are many perks that come with hiring an in-home personal trainer. We asked 8 personal trainers to tell us the benefits of in-home personal training and here is what they have to say:

John DoRosario

John Dorosario, is a certified personal trainer in Chicago. He enjoys working with his clients in assisting them with their fitness goals through creating a personalized, fun and creative workout.
Convenience to workout facility
Getting a workout done in the morning to energize you for the rest of the day is awesome!  Having a gym in your building allows you to do that , kind of like rolling out of bed and straight to the gym.  Also, there is no getting into a car or hopping on the train to get to your workout with an in-home personal trainer.
Fimulatiety of equipment
Consistency always produces results with your fitness goals. When you know your gym’s equipment, and your personal trainer has given you the weekly fitness plan, you will now know how to use that “Lat pulldown machine” correctly allowing for great results. Also, through working with your in- home personal trainer on better form and a challenging program, the elliptical machine will be a “piece of cake”.
Flexibility of when you can workout
It’s nice when you get that day off or its the weekend, and you want to workout but would also like to sleep in that day. Having a gym in your building and the flexibility of your in-home personal trainer you can get that great work out or your “sweat on” at a convenient time for you.

Bree Turner

Bree Turner is a unique and patient personal trainer who gives intense workouts styled for your needs without any of that drill sergeant attitude. She focuses on empowering others with positive motivation, functional movement and nutrition. These tools help you build muscle, move without pain, and gain the booty-fab, warrior self that’s always been there.
In-home personal training is a wonderful way to get fit in your own time. By cutting out the commute, more time is spent getting the actual work done. You don’t need fancy equipment or a gym-size space. All that’s needed is you and your dedication. We bring the expertise and what’s needed to help you build muscle and stamina. All you have to focus on is striding towards the fittest body (and booty!) you’ve ever had. And the best part about in-home work is that once your session is over, no driving is necessary. You get right back to your life and your plans.

Tori Hudson

I am an ACE certified Personal Trainer, Orthopedic Exercise Specialist, and Group Fitness instructor. I have worked in the Fitness industry for over 7 years and own an in-home personal training business in the Katy, Texas area. In addition to helping people meet their weight loss and fitness goals, I enjoy getting to see people re-gain use of previously injured muscles and joints. As a mother of 3 children, I understand that real life and schedules don’t usually bend around your fitness goals. For this reason, I aim to be flexible, and help you set attainable goals that help maintain that balance. ​
Save Time
You can easily more than your workout time commuting to and from the gym. Having your trainer come to you, eliminates this wasted time of sitting in traffic!
No Babysitter Needed
Some gyms offer a child watch facility, but many still do not. If you have little ones at home, you don’t need to find childcare while you exercise. They can be in the same room with you, and even join in the workout!
No Pressure
The fitness club atmosphere isn’t for everyone. Everyone is at a different place in their fitness journey, and sometimes it can be intimidating to be surrounded by those who are further along in theirs. Working out in your own home takes away any pressure and allows you to focus on your workout.

Amy De Seyn

Amy is an ACE-certified personal trainer, functional training specialist and fitness nutrition specialist. She also holds a Run Right Pro certification in coaching runners and correcting improper run form. Amy has been training since January 2015. Amy rents space from a gym in Wheat Ridge, Colorado where she trains most of her private and corporate wellness clients, but she also travels to clients’ homes and workplaces to train in more private settings.
When hiring a personal trainer, you have several options to consider. You can, of course, hire a trainer at the gym you frequent. If you aren’t a member of a gym, or perhaps your gym doesn’t offer trainers for hire, you can find an independent trainer who works out of a gym space they rent. Or, you can hire an independent trainer to whip you into shape in the comfort of your own home. The latter option definitely appeals to some people for several significant reasons:
Many individuals are self-conscious about working out in front of other people. When you exercise within your home, you don’t have to worry about what you might look like in front of others!
You don’t have to spend time driving to your gym, sitting in traffic, finding parking, checking in, changing in the locker room, waiting for equipment to free up, etc. if you have young children, you don’t have to worry about finding a gym with childcare or making sure your spouse is home and able to take over childcare duties.
Having a trainer come to your home makes it much harder to come up with excuses not to exercise! You don’t spend the extra time driving to a gym and checking in, etc etc. You just pop down to your basement, or over to your garage, and get moving! And if you have a standing appointment with said trainer, you won’t be as likely to skip a workout.
Some individuals may find it distracting to work out in a gym around many others engaged in conversation, hearing loud music, waiting for equipment to free up, etc. In your home, you get to control the environment, and you may benefit from that private, personal one-on-one with your trainer.

Gail Thomas

Is Private Home Training for you? 

The expertise of a of a trainer that matches YOUR needs can make your life BETTER.  A large space and bulky equipment are not required. I have always been a competitive athlete and have reached many training goals in my own home!  A great deal of time can be wasted commuting to and from gyms, changing clothes and packing gym bags.
There is ONE necessary component for ANY exercise to improve a body.  This is absolutely necessary in all home, gym and outdoor training workouts.  There is no training progress with out it. Lack of progress is followed by loss of drive and motivation to exercise when this factor is not included in fitness plan. It is PURPOSE.
Each exercise is a step that leads you to strength ONLY if:
It is Right For You. Posture, strength, body composition, muscle balance, performance and injuries are improved with a challenging quality program (or WRECKED with nonsense movement)
The Intensity is Challenging. Each set must overload the desired muscle group or central nervous system (with load, function, range of motion or endurance)
The Technique and Form are Specific to Desired Outcome. Poor form (head down while running, excess anterior shoulder overload, excessive jerky crunches with no abdominal contraction/isolation) perpetuates unhealthy alignment and TRIGGERS injuries.
Allow only educated, qualified, personable private trainers to prescribe and lead you to your fitness goals.
Purposeful exercise is medicine.  For your Body. For your soul. A single session with a trainer to design a purposeful program for you to do on your own is an investment in your life.  Regular training or check up sessions are steps to consider after your first session.

Michelle Bishop

My name is Michelle Bishop, I have been in the fitness industry since 1995 and a Personal Trainer for 4 years. I have Master’s degree in Exercise Science and Physiology from Northeastern Illinois University. I am certified in CPR/AED and am a ACSM certified Exercise Physiologist. I have over 10 years experience working with individuals with heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis. I specialize in core, strength training and conditioning.
Privacy: is one on one time without the noise and disruptions at other fitness centers.
Convenience: takes out the drive to the club, or fitness center which assists in accountability and meeting exercise benefits with a in-home personal trainer
Building a Relationship: with clients is understanding and listening to their interests, lifestyle change(s) and how we can reach them.
Comfort: is in-home training

 Darya Norman

My name is Darya Norman, owner of Herculean Elite Performance, traveling trainer, and nutritionist. I am currently a student and studying for Physical Therapy (DPT) and Kinesiology. The start of fitness and nutrition partaken in my life, 5 years ago; after 2 years of dwelling on a shoulder injury during my years in boxing.
Here are my top benefits for in-home training clients that would gain life changing results:
Comfort Zone
Clients seem to absorb more and really open up during their session. Their music, element, and own privacy. No one likes to feel watched!
Increase the Positive Experience
You will notice more of a connection due to the lack of any other distractions or intimidations. The clients seem to really grasp more of the concepts and formation just by having the trainer’s undivided & sole attention; in other words, greater communication which can lead to better cueing, form, and overall direction.
Time Efficiency & Convenience
This can save you a lot of time, especially in the morning before work, which is primetime for many clients to get in their workouts. Saves the client a lot of time, especially in the morning before work! No excuses alert.
During my moments of personal training or coaching clients who were looking for a healthy lifestyle or competitions; the biggest setback or negative factor has been time and/or environment! Between busy personal and professional lives, many people have a hard time scheduling a workout into their day. Working with an in home personal trainer has many advantages, such as convenience, time, ect. Furthermore, that will help keep workouts on track and get clients on the road to reaching their health and fitness goals.


Anu Morgan

Anu attended the University of Illinois where she was awarded a B.S. in biology in 1997. In 1998 Anu worked as a weight loss consultant with a major national weight loss center. In 1999 she began her career as an ACE certified personal trainer and has helped many of her clients achieve their weight loss and fitness goals. In 2009 she published her book, Get Real About Weight Loss which outlines many of her techniques and strategies for weight loss and healthy living. In 2012 Anu became a certified wellness coach, giving clients a more comprehensive approach to achieving their goals. Presently she lives and works in Austin and enjoys helping clients on a daily basis!
Benefits of In-Home Training:
-convenient and time efficient, trainer comes to you
-no gym membership required, minimal equipment needed at home
-variety of cross training with indoor and outdoor workouts, helping prevent boredom
-coaching diet needs from client’s home


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