Is It Better to Work Out at a Gym or at Home?

Is It Better to Workout at a Gym or at Home?

The age-old question when it comes to fitness: is it better to work out at a gym or at home? Often, this is the first question people ask themselves when they decide they want to start improving their fitness. There are definitely benefits to each approach. It’s not about which option is better overall but rather which option is better for you personally. 

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Going to a gym is certainly not the only way to get in a great workout. An at-home workout can be just as effective. It’s pretty simple to set up a home gym these days, but it’s also easy to find a ton of other things you should be doing instead of working out. On the other hand, it’s easy to join a gym, but it’s also easy to pay for an expensive membership that you never actually use.

If you want your fitness routine to be successful, your follow-through is more important than the location. A large part of that follow-through is finding an environment that best fits your needs and your budget. Ultimately, you should ask yourself what is the best place to work out for me? Just because your friend thrives at a gym doesn’t mean that will work best for you.

Pros of Going to the Gym

If these types of benefits are important to you, joining a gym might be ideal for you.


Sometimes, exercise can be easier when you have lots of options to choose from. If you enjoy cardio, you’ll inevitably have more cardio machine options at a gym than at home. There are also countless options for lifting weights, from machines and free weights to cable machines and resistance bands.


Another reason many people enjoy having a gym membership is the access to fitness classes that comes with it. While you can participate in online fitness classes at home, it’s not the same as going to a gym and being around other people. Going to the gym might also have extra offerings like a pool, tennis courts, and more to give you an even wider variety of classes.


There’s just something about being in a gym with everyone else that can give you a much-needed boost. After all, humans are social creatures. We often get energy from others and it can also push us to work harder. That sense of community can be extremely motivating. 

at home fitnessCons of Going to the Gym

Having a gym membership can also have its own drawbacks.


No matter what gym you choose to go to, you’re going to have to pay something. A high-end club can set you back over $100 per month while a smaller club might charge $10 per month. While you might question why you would pay $100 when you could pay $10, you generally get what you pay for at a gym. The price will reflect the number of offerings at that facility.

Other People

Yes, earlier we said the other people at the gym can provide a sense of community and even serve as extra motivation. However, some people may look at those same people and see a nuisance instead. You may not feel comfortable trying out new exercises in front of other people for fear of judgment. Or you might get annoyed by someone talking loudly on their cell phone and leaving sweat all over a machine. Unfortunately, it’s bound to happen every once in a while at a gym.

Pros of At-Home Fitness

For some people, working out at home is the best option, largely because of the following benefits.


We know you have a hundred things to do every day and only a limited time to do them. Between work, school, family, and friends, finding time to pack a bag and drive to the gym can be difficult. At home, it’s difficult to make the same excuses. If you wanted to, you could work out in your pajamas. You could also work out whenever it fits your schedule. Maybe you need to split it up into multiple parts throughout your day. That is no problem when you do it in the comfort of your own home. It can make it easier to have a balanced self-care routine.

No Social Anxiety

If exercising in front of others makes you uncomfortable or self-conscious, you’re definitely not alone. Working out at home allows you to concentrate only on your workout and not what anybody else is doing. Even though everybody at the gym is there for the same reason, sometimes going can be more draining on the mind than the body. By yourself at home, you do not have to worry about feeling judged. After all, lowering your stress level can help your fitness journey!


If you’ve ever worked out at a gym before, you’ve probably spent time waiting around for some equipment to become available. Or maybe you’ve had to settle for a different activity because the class you wanted to join was full. At home, you never have to wait for equipment or space to become available, which means you also never lose momentum!

Access to Virtual Fitness

Let’s face it, we live in the digital age and fitness is no exception. Virtual fitness classes are thriving and it is so much easier to access at home, without having to worry that wifi will be on the fritz. If you’re the type that likes to blast a class from your television speakers, then at-home fitness may be right for you. 

Cons of At-Home Fitness

Besides all these benefits, there are also reasons why your home may not be the best place to workout for you.

Finding Motivation

You know the feeling where you didn’t want to work out but once you got to the gym, you gave it your all? That quick change in your internal motivation is probably due to being in a place where everyone else is working hard toward their goals. It can be more difficult to turn on that motivation when you’re alone in your own home. Be honest with yourself about whether you have the ability to push yourself to go as hard without that motivation.


There’s a lot you can do in your own home with minimal equipment or without any at all. But, you can’t do everything. Investing in similar equipment to what you would find at the gym can quickly prove to be very expensive. Depending on the gym, you could have access to an indoor track, weight room, pool, or basketball courts. Virtually every type of workout you want to do can most likely be done at a gym. The same just can’t be said for your home.

Which Is The Best Work Out For Me?

best workoutIf it’s better to work out at a gym or at home all comes down to your own personal preferences and your budget. If you are very self-motivated and know you’ll exercise no matter what, working out at home may be best. But if you find yourself getting distracted at home or in need of more equipment and options, going to a gym may be better.

But don’t forget, you do not have to take this journey alone. Here at Right Fit Personal Training, we are devoted to helping you reach your fitness goals no matter your preferences. We offer virtual programs for those that would rather enjoy the comfort of their own home. And, of course, we are ready to meet you at the gym if that’s the environment you thrive in. We are here to boost you up and get you moving, so let’s do this together!