For more reasons than a few, Austin, TX is one of the most attractive and fastest growing cities in the United States. From the beautiful weather to it’s booming tech scene, Austin is attracting new residents from all over the world. Similar to any other big city in the US, Austin’s fitness scene has skyrocketed in popularity, which has done wonders for the local personal training industry. With so many people interested in improving their health and fitness, certified personal trainers in Austin have experienced a significant uptick in business. With demand at an all-time high, the supply of personal trainers continues to increase. Having a large pool of personal trainers to pull from is great, but a surplus can make the hiring process more difficult. There is so much criteria for a consumer to consider before hiring the right personal, with cost as the most sensitive of the lot.

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At RightFit Personal Training, we help match each customer with an ideal personal trainer, no matter what their budget may be. From one-on-one to partner sessions, our rates vary amongst our personal trainers. Need some help figuring out what you can afford? Checkout the pricing breakdown below:

60 Minute Sessions

At RightFit Personal Training, hour-long sessions are most popular amongst our clients. Typically, a 60 minute session consists of a five to ten minute warm-up, 45-50 minutes of hard work, and a five minute cool-down. The average price of a 60 minute session is $75.

45 Minute Sessions

Want a great workout but don’t want to break the bank? 45 minute sessions might be right for you. With an average cost of $65 per session, your trainer might instruct you to warm-up and cool-down on your own.

30 Minute Sessions

Do you feel like you are in a constant time crunch? Don’t put off your workouts because of it. Half hour personal training sessions are effective and affordable. At around $50 per session, you can get in a heart-pumping high intensity workout that will leave you sweating uncontrollably.

Partner Sessions

Want to save some cash but not shorten your workout? Bring a friend! Working out with a friend, loved one, or worker can prove to more fun and more affordable.


Buy in bulk, and save per session. We offer packages of 5, 10, 15, 20, and 30 sessions. The per session cost drops with every package increase.
At RightFit, we will set you up with a trainer who fits your availability, personality, and budget. Take the RightFit Trainee Survey today and schedule a risk-free introductory session with the perfect personal trainer for you. You can also browse through a list of our Austin Personal Trainers and filter by price, gender, specialty, location, and rating. Give us a shot! You have nothing to lose, and a better life to gain.
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