Original Post written by Sandi Berger, Certified Personal Trainer in Chicago, IL
Why do some people stick with a fitness program while others struggle? Why do some people reach their goal weight while others struggle? Why do some people instinctively know how to eat healthy while others start and stop healthy eating? Well I’m gonna tell you that it is all based on your psychology. What you think about you become. I often say “when the mind is right the body will be tight”.


Everything we do in life is based on emotion which is a part of our psychology. For instance why do we go to college and get a degree? Answer: We think that it will land us our dream job so that we make a decent living and we can enjoy life.


We have a vision and we follow our path towards that vision, but sometimes things gets in the way of following our dream and we get off track. How do we keep our goals and visions in check? Through meditation and journaling.


Meditation is a way to quiet your mind and let your creativity flow. When negative thoughts come up so you can zap them early on and get back to your creative flow and vision. That is done either by deep breathing or a one word mantra that you repeat each time you catch yourself letting thoughts in during your meditation. The key is to quiet the mind and sit in silence for 20 minutes. No more no less. Let your mind chill!

Healthy eatingJournaling

Journaling is in addition to meditation. You don’t have to write a novel each time you journal. Just some brief thoughts or emotions that are happening in the current moment.Don’t overthink just let thought and emotion flow in your journal. No one’s gonna read it so just let it flow.

Tips on Creating a Healthy Life

Create a vision of how you see yourself living and being healthy. Educate yourself or hire a personal trainer to assist you in the education of nutrition and exercise.
Start to read labels on food products and keep your eating habits simple. When you reach for that crappy junk food try to stop and ask yourself why? and what would be a better selection?
I recommend the rubber band technique. Take a rubber band and put it around your wrist. Overtime when you go to grab for junk food snap the band, This is a way to reprogram your mind to make a healthier choice. Keep in mind it takes 21 days to change a habit. So try the rubber band technique for 21 days and see if you can change your neuro pathways for a permanent change.

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