How to Find Your Houston Trainer

Original post written by Houston Personal Trainer Austin Nicoson, Health & Fitness Lifestyle Coach

First off, congratulations! Since you’re researching Personal Trainers, I’m gonna assume you’re considering an investment in your health, fitness, and quality of life. Love it! Now comes the somewhat intimidating, but exciting, part of the process…finding the right Personal Trainer to coach your through your fitness goals. The great news is, Houston has a ton of fantastic PT’s with the experience and knowledge you’ll need. So I gonna lay out 3 simple points to keep in mind while you search, and after reading you’ll feel confident in finding a Personal Trainer that’s the RightFit for you!

Find a Personal Trainer in the Houston area to take your fitness to the next level.

Location, location, location!

Just like real estate, location if crucial. Both you and your PT will need to be located in close proximity to where you guys plan on working out. Trust me, Houston traffic has crushed many souls around the 5 o’clock hour, and constant cancellations or reschedules are among the quickest ways to become discouraged with your workout program. Find a trainer located within a conservative 15-minute drive at most.

Principles and Experience Must Align with Your Goals

Any good trainer should outline very specifically their training and coaching philosophies, as well as their career experience. Someone wanting to train for their first marathon will be sadly disappointed when they hire a PT that’s only coached Powerlifters. Man what a slow mile time that would be… The other thing to watch for is PTs that just layout the generic “I help clients lose body fat and increase lean muscle”. C’mon man… Obviously as PTs we help clients lose BF and gain muscle, so when that’s all I see in trainers’ bios the first things I conclude are (1) lack of experience, (2) they haven’t determined their personal philosophy or principles, or (3) they haven’t taken the time to clearly communicate what it is they do for potential clients. Whatever the case, all red flags. Find someone who communicates clearly their experiences and precisely how their philosophy/experience helps clients reach success.

Walk the Walk

Now let me be clear; I don’t mean Personal Trainers have to look super lean or fit, that’s just a stereotype. If those are your specific goals, then sure, it might be worth interviewing someone with those qualities. But there are plenty of amazing PTs that don’t fit the stereotype and can coach you towards success just as well or better than those that do. My point is that your Personal Trainer should lead by example with their overall lifestyle. They should personally make regular, healthy eating choices, plan ahead to ensure they complete their workouts, and strive to create an overall balanced, sustainable, and healthy lifestyle. Otherwise, how can you expect them to coach you towards those things? Professionally, they should display discipline, responsibility, timely communication, and an incredibly positive and optimistic attitude.
Bonus Tip: Never be afraid to interview the candidates you’re considering as your Personal Trainer. It’s our job to provide a service for you, and it’s your time and money that will be invested. Be sure to ask plenty of questions so that the right PT can prove to you why they’re the right fit.
Now that you know how to search for your perfect PT, let the fun begin! Remember that there’s no need to stress. There’s so many awesome Personal Trainers in Houston, you’re sure to find one that works well for you. At the end of the day, you want your PT to be someone you get along well with, you trust, and who you believe offers significant value in coaching you towards your goals.

Austin Nicoson | Health Coach & Personal Trainer
I’ve been a full-time Personal Trainer & Health Coach in Houston for over 5 years, specializing in Fitness-Lifestyle modifications for client success. I believe in practical, athletic training to address the specific goals of increased muscle mass, decreased body fat, stronger cardio-respiratory health, greater physical strength, as well as better spatial awareness and coordination. I help clients improve their daily lifestyle habits for efficient and long-lasting results. Contact Austin today to schedule a risk-free introductory session.