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Houston, TX

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About Austin Nicoson

Hey guys! I’ve been a professional health and fitness coach for 5+ years.
If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that we’re all incredibly different; we live different lives, have different needs, different schedules, priorities, obstacles, on and on.
The value a health and fitness coach is to assess each person’s specific lifestyle and identify the biggest habits (or lack thereof) that are holding them back from reaching their goals. And that’s exactly what I do.
The gym is certainly important, but success stories are truly bred from the lifestyle habits that occur the other 23 hours of the day, outside of the gym. Your nutrition, your hydration, your sleep, your overall metabolism, your snacking, your alcohol intake, in short…your HABITS.
My job is to hold you accountable, give you direction, support, and serve as a constant resource for information.
From a training perspective, I believe in practical, athletic training that prepares clients for the stresses of everyday life; long work hours, caring for your kids, keeping up with your home. Training your body to physically handle whatever task gets thrown at you
The workouts I employ addresses many facets, including: spatial awareness, coordination, balance, your speed, cardiovascular strength, agility, endurance, mobility, in addition to your muscular strength output. We’ll address muscular imbalances, hopefully being able to remedy nagging injuries, as well as get you more mentally “in-touch” with your own body. It’s easy to see the list is comprehensive, because it’s all necessary to improve the quality of your life!
Cheers to the future!


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  • Hourly rate: $75

  • Session cancellation: 24 hours notice required

Training Philosophy
To help coach clients toward a sustainable fitness lifestyle that they genuinely enjoy in order to not only reach their goals, but to maintain their success for the long haul!

Training Professionally Since
September 1, 2015

Typical Training Session

To be challenged both mentally and physically, but in a comfortable manner in which communication is open. My goal is to create a motivating atmosphere in which clients can feel confident in their abilities to complete their exercises with a high degree of intensity (effort) while minimizing any risk of injury. I’ll never progress a client past their abilities or ask them to do anything they’re uncomfortable with. As we continue training together, I’ll come to learn your preferences and abilities so each workout is even more specifically tailored towards you than the last.

Client success story

“I have trained with Austin for ~9 months and my experience is fantastic with this tech savvy trainer. I’m measurably stronger, far more aware and genuinely look forward to the session and resulting soreness. He is empathetic but always driving forward and finds ways to measure and account for my activities. If you are looking for an expert, and one who will ensure that you earn every session, then look no further.” Brad S. 10/05/2017

“I’ve been using Austin as a personal trainer for more than a year now, he’s been helping me every step of the way on my fitness journey. I had tried other trainers available to me via my employer, and strip mall based fitness trends, but I never really stuck with any of them.
Austin’s training plans make me want to show up at the gym, as I know we’re going to make progress every week. I can see appreciable change in my muscle mass, my fat composition and my body shape from month to month and it keeps me coming in. He explains my workout plans and how they’re designed in a way I can understand and with as much ‘sciencey’ detail as I like. The workouts are varied and never boring, and I can get them done in around 30min which is a huge time saver over trying to work out by myself” Justin S. 11/08/2017

“I’ve been training with Austin for just a couple months, and so far it has been great! I️ hadn’t worked out in many years and he really listened to me and what I️ want to accomplish and has made the transition back very smooth” Brain A. 7/12/2017

I really enjoy playing golf, playing with dogs, hiking, and learning cool magic card tricks :D

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Austin Nicoson

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