Client Spotlight: Jennifer Cortez

Client Spotlight: Jennifer Cortez

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What is your name?
Jennifer Cortez

Who is your personal trainer?
Kim Weston

When did you start working with your trainer?
May 2015 – 20 sessions down, many more to go!

What do you like about your trainer?
Being over 50, I had always felt that there were many limitations to what I could accomplish. Kim works with my weaknesses to push me through and challenges me to keep going – while using my strengths to keep me motivated. No matter how many times I say “no” – Kim says “keep going”, and I always get through it.

How has your progress been since starting with your trainer?
In just two months, I already see improvement in my range of motion and flexibility. I feel stronger and tighter and have more energy than I’ve had in years – I’m sleeping better too!

What would you suggest to anyone thinking about hiring a personal trainer?
If you are thinking about hiring a personal trainer, just do it! I thought about it for way to long, not knowing how to get started. RightFit Personal Training helped me find the perfect trainer for me.

Anything else to add?
Thanks to everyone involved in my training process – Matt, Kim, Alex. You’ve made it easy to get me back on track. If I can do, everyone can – and should.

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