Why an In Home Personal Trainer in Houston Makes Sense

More people than ever are starting to look to in home personal trainers to assist in meeting their fitness goals. There are many benefits to an in home personal trainer, and if you are looking for a personal trainer in Houston, you may find even more benefits than in other cities. Below we will look into four different reasons an in home personal trainer makes sense in Houston.

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One of the top reasons anybody looks to a personal trainer is because of the convenience of working out from home. The convenience is even more relevant in Houston though. Houston is regularly rated one of the highest traffic cities in America, with Houstonians spending an average of 50 hours in traffic in 2017. Rather than traveling back and forth to the gym and potentially sitting in traffic, looking into in home personal trainers often makes sense for people in Houston.


The weather is a key factor for in home personal training in Houston, in that it opens up the options for those looking to work out from home. With Houston maintaining warmer that average temperatures outside year round, the workout area for those in Houston is increased. Many people struggle to find a space in their home that they can dedicate to working out, but in Houston one can look to the outdoors as a space to do their personal training, a luxury colder states do not have. From jumping rope on your driveway, to sprints in your backyard or yoga on the front lawn, Houston provides a great opportunity to take advantage of in home personal training, outside.


For a long time in home personal training was something that was looked at as only for the very wealthy and unrealistic for others to pay. Of late though, that has changed and in home personal training has become a lot more realistic for many people to pay for. Looking through the nearly one hundred personal trainers on the Houston Personal Trainers page, you will notice that many have in home rates similar to their facility rate, some with no difference at all. Many of the trainers rates, are only 10-20% higher to have them travel to you, so that you can do your personal training in the convenience of your own home. Even looking at the top reviewed trainers on the Houston page, over 75% of them offer in home training at either the same price, or within $10, of facility training. So finding one of the best personal trainers in Houston, to work with you in home at an affordable option is realistic.  

No Excuses

This one is true across any city, but is worth noting any time you are deciding between an in-home personal trainer or attending a facility for your personal training. When the trainer shows up at your door, you can no longer talk yourself into cancelling your appointment. As mentioned above, the excuse of traffic no longer works, the excuse that you don’t like other people seeing you work out does not work and the excuse that it takes too much time does not work either. A personal trainer making the trip to your home in Houston, will help you keep your scheduled appointments so that you can stay on track to your fitness goals.
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