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Virtual Personal Training

COVID-19 has been difficult for businesses across all industries. Revenues are down, employees are getting furloughed, and our uncertain future spikes fear and anxiety. RightFit Personal Training is here to help through this difficult time. We are currently offering live and on demand virtual fitness classes for corporate clients. From Yoga to Total Body Bootcamp, your team can participate in our classes from the comfort of their own living rooms. Our virtual classes offer a great option to help your office stay connected in a fun and healthy manner. If you are interested in offering virtual classes for your company, contact me directly at for more information.

In addition to offering virtual fitness classes, we at RightFit Personal Training would like to offer your employees a free consultation as well as a 10% discount on virtual or in-person 1-on-1 personal training sessions. It can be difficult to maintain a consistent workout routine during these difficult times, but we are here to help! Have your coworkers complete the RightFit Trainee Survey, and make sure that they mention this deal.

Remember, the more physically fit your are, the less prone you are to disease. We are ALL in this together, and please contact me directly with any questions or concerns.

Matthew Kornblatt
RightFit Personal Training, LLC