Original Post written by Andrea Wiggins, Certified Personal Trainer in Austin, TX

NotebookYou know how it goes. It’s the New Year… or maybe a new week, or a new month. And THIS time, you KNOW it’s gonna happen. THIS time, you are definitely going to hit that fitness goal!  
Maybe you told yourself you are finally going to lose that last 10 lbs. Or maybe you decided you’re finally going to start that new workout plan you have been dying to try. Or perhaps you pinkie swore with your best friend that you are ABSOLUTELY going to start eating better. (Like “for real” this time!)
But alas, it’s been a month now and you are back in that same ole familiar spot. Camped out on the couch, binging Netflix, feeling pretty stinking mad at yourself because yet again you blew it. You came nowhere near reaching the goal that you set for yourself and were so sure you were going to hit this time! I mean what’s the deal? You really WANTED to make it happen!   
Well, here’s the deal. Wanting, Hoping, Pinkie Swearing…. all of those things SEEM like great motivators but in reality, they are the very things keeping you stuck.  
Most times we think the reason we don’t hit our personal fitness goals is because we don’t want it bad enough. But in truth it’s not the “lack of wanting” that is the real issue. It really boils down two just two areas where we tend to sabotage ourselves when it comes to finally hitting those fitness goals:

Lack of Commitment and Lack of Planning

When we think about things we really want in life, we automatically do two things. We make a commitment to it and then we start creating a plan to reinforce that commitment, so we can make it happen.  
Think about the last vacation you took. You were super excited, when you decided “we are going to Disney (or insert your favorite place)! You didn’t just say you wanted to go to Disney, you decided to COMMIT to going!  
And how did you mark that commitment? You shared it, you set a date, and you blocked off the time in your schedule, right? YEP!
Then what did you do next? You started making a PLAN to back up your commitment to go to Disney! You created a budget and possibly planned some overtime gigs to bring in additional income. You booked your flight and hotel. You started creating an itinerary for what you were going to do when you got there. You arranged for your transportation to get to and from the airport. You didn’t just WANT all of these things to happen, you actually created a PLAN to MAKE them happen. And then you had an amazing vacation!
Friends, the same thing applies to your fitness journey. You know deep down you WANT to be healthier, eat better, workout more. But are you making the actual commitment and creating an actual plan to make that happen?  
If you want to make THIS time different then every other time, then let’s try this instead:
SHARE IT! Tell a friend, co-worker, heck FB (that will keep you accountable). Make it REAL!
SET A DATE! When are you going to start? When do you want to hit your goal by? Put a time stamp on it.
BLOCK IT! Put It in your calendar! That’s where all of the other important things go right?  So, put this in there!
CREATE A PLAN! It’s in your calendar to get that workout in, but what are you going to DO when you get to the gym?  Don’t just say you want to “eat healthy” create a menu for your week. It’s an overused cliché but a valid one all the same. “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”
I know you can do this. You know you can do this. So, let’s actually MAKE IT HAPPEN!

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