For different reasons some people in Minneapolis looking for a personal trainer, may have a preference on working with a female personal trainer, this even includes men. For men the reason could be that the female trainer has a better history working with clients on weight loss, or perhaps they feel the trainer is more understanding of their fitness goals. For women, there are multiple reasons they would be looking for a female personal trainer in Minneapolis. One is that the female body is not the same as a mans, and certain exercises for men do not work as well for women. That is not to say that there are not plenty of male trainers who understand this, there are, but some women feel more comfortable working with a personal trainer that is a female for this reason. Additionally, a female personal trainer is more likely to have been through the same events that a woman may be looking to hire a personal trainer as a result of. Many women look for a personal trainer following childbirth, and thus prefer working with a personal trainer who has been through the same. Another example would be bridal prep, a woman may want to work with a trainer who has also been through this and understands first hand the importance of how they look on their big day. Again, there are plenty of male trainers who work very well with clients like this, but for some a fellow female is preferred.

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To help you reach your fitness goals, we have listed details below on the top female personal trainer in Minneapolis on RightFit currently. The trainer below has had clients submit positive feedback on their experiences working with. Below is the best female personal trainers in Minneapolis, Nancy S., along with additional details, including her certifications, specialties, locations serviced and her pricing range.

Nancy S.  

Nancy has been training professionally since 1998, and in that time has worked out with a variety of clients at different stages of their fitness and with different goals. Nancy’s speciality is actually in golf fitness, however she does train people for general health and wellness. She works with clients in circuit training, high intensity interval training and healthy eating strategies. She builds her training sessions to be a tailored work out to meet her clients goals and abilities. Nancy will bring whatever you need for a great workout, medicine balls, bands, foam rollers or glider discs. Her plan is to create a tailored workout sessions for your goals and abilities and she believes that being consistent is key.  Nancy has successfully trained people for fitness competitions, and various sports such as golf, youth hockey and baseball, snowboarding, and bow hunting!
Her certifications include: Titleist Performance Institute, Level 1, Functional Movement Systems (FMS), B.S. Exercise Science
Her specialties include: Bodybuilding, Bridal Prep, Circuit Training, Core Training, Corrective Exercise, Fat Loss, Fitness Competition Training, High Intensity, Interval Training, Nutrition, Personalized Fitness, Running, Sport Specific Training, Sports Conditioning, Sports Performance, Stability Training and Weight Management
Minneapolis Locations serviced include: 55424, 55436, 55439, 55391, 55345
Rates: Home is $85 a hour, Facility is $95 a hour, while group rates are $50 a hour.
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