Top 10 Benefits of Working With a Personal Trainer

Top 10 Benefits of Working With a Personal Trainer

It’s a universal truth: working out can be intimidating. It is also very common to have fitness goals you want to reach but be unsure how you can go about achieving them. Plus, it’s normal to lack motivation to get to the gym sometimes. All of these obstacles can seem difficult to overcome on your own. That’s exactly where a personal trainer comes into play. 

Top 10 Benefits of Working With a Personal Trainer

Why get a personal trainer? Well, there are too many benefits to count, but we’ll let you in on our top 10 favorites here.

personal trainersReceiving Education

Personal trainers learn a lot about the body and various types of exercise. This allows them to learn what works best and how to perform those exercises properly. While you can watch YouTube videos or look at photos online of how to do certain exercises, it doesn’t compare to in-person instruction. One of the main benefits of a personal trainer is receiving their guidance and education throughout your workouts. Being educated while you’re exercising is essential if you want to maximize your effectiveness while also reducing your risk of injury. Personal trainers are there to tell you everything you need to know to protect your body and see the results you’re looking for. 

Much Needed Motivation

workout motivationThere are many times it can feel like exercising is a hassle and there simply aren’t enough hours in the day for it. Or maybe it just gets pushed down to the bottom of your priority list. Whatever the reason, sometimes finding the motivation to work out is difficult, especially if you are working out alone. Having regular sessions with a personal trainer might provide the boost you are looking for. It can be very motivating to know that someone else will be there with you. And as your energy may drain throughout the workout, they’ll be right there to help get you through it.

Holding You Accountable

The accountability of a personal trainer goes hand-in-hand with motivation. When you’re the only person who knows whether or not you went to the gym today, it’s easy to just not go. You can forget the excuse “I’ll go tomorrow, I’m too tired today,” because your personal trainer will make sure that doesn’t happen. The better you can stick to your schedule, given by a personal trainer, the more likely you will be to see results.

Receiving a Personalized Plan

As mentioned above, one of the top benefits of a personal trainer is the fact that you receive a personalized plan. Trainers understand that what one person likes and works for them isn’t necessarily right for someone else. Your personal trainer goals will look different from their other clients. You should be upfront with your trainer about what you’re looking for and what kinds of exercise you enjoy. Keeping this information in mind, they can develop a plan that is truly tailored to you. They’ll also be able to let you know what goals are realistic based on your abilities and make any necessary adjustments. For example, if you have a previous injury that makes a specific movement difficult, they can help you find an alternative. 

Keeping It Interesting

Doing the same thing several times a week can quickly become boring. Or maybe you’ve plateaued and aren’t seeing the same results you did before. A personal trainer will make sure you switch things up when this happens, so you can stay engaged and interested. They’ll also push you to get to the next level, which may be exactly what you need to see the results you’re hoping for. They may introduce new exercises to keep your workouts fresh and keep you off that plateau.

Introducing Variety

Variety is the spice of life, right? The same is true when it comes to exercising. One reason why many people get a personal trainer is to be introduced to new types of exercises. Not only will this keep you interested, but it keeps your body guessing. Just like your mind wanders when doing the same exercises you’ve done a hundred times before, your muscles do too. The more you can change up what you’re doing, the better off you will be. No two workout days will be exactly the same, which makes it exciting every time.

Setting Goals and Ways to Achieve Them

workout goalsWorking out for the sake of working out is not the way to reach the goals you want. A personal trainer can guide your goals, making sure they are attainable, especially in the time frame you’re hoping for. Goals made with personal trainers will be much more realistic than ones you set on your own. That is because they are trained to make your goals SMART. Plus, they will be able to show you exactly how to achieve the goals. You may want to lose 20 pounds, but how do you actually get there? That’s one of the benefits of working with a personal trainer – they’ll show you how.

Better Improvements

According to research, people have better strength improvements with supervised training from a personal trainer than without. Likely, this is an accumulation of all of the other benefits above. If you truly want to get the most out of your time exercising, a personal trainer is the way to go.

Increased Flexibility

An underrated reason why you should get a personal trainer is the flexibility that comes with it. You and your trainer can create your own workout schedule. If you prefer working out early in the morning before you head to work, you can do that. If you want to squeeze it in during your lunch hour or late at night after your kids have gone to bed, you can do that too. They’ll work around your schedule to find what works best for you.

More Than Fitness

The final benefit of a personal trainer is that they are more than just a fitness coach. Great trainers care about your overall well-being in addition to your physical fitness. Some trainers may also be able to advise you on how to improve your nutrition and even your mental health as well as the state of your body. Your personal trainer can help you create a sustainable healthy lifestyle

There’s a Trainer For Everyone

Even after learning all these benefits of a personal trainer, some people might not be convinced. You may still ask yourself: why get a personal trainer? After all, many people are under the impression that personal trainers themselves are intimidating and expensive. But, there are trainers out there that can accommodate any personality, fitness type, and budget. If finding the right one seems like a difficult task to you, you should try Right Fit Personal Training. We get to know your needs before pairing you with the right trainer so we can tailor every part of the experience to you

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