RightFit Personal Training expands to Houston… But why Houston?

As many of you know, RightFit Personal Training is a marketplace of independent personal trainers; we will match you with the perfect personal trainer based on your preferences. After a few years and a lot of hard work, we successfully became the most reputable and highly visible personal trainer marketplace in Chicago; the third largest market in the country. In 2016 alone, we successfully matched 210 people with trainers and logged over 5,000 training hours. I truly believe that we are the best collection of personal trainers in Chicago, and I tell that to every prospective client. While we might not be the cheapest option, we know that our professionalism and overall personal training services are second to none. The fact that trainers like Cristina PanagopoulusTony Rossi, and Erin Bahadur have kept RightFit clients coming back for years is indicative of the high quality service we provide. The dedication to fitness that our trainers exude motivates our clients to put forth maximum effort during each session. Through personal training, our clients become overall healthier individuals and they learn how to exercise properly on their own. What RightFit Personal Training has become in Chicago should not be limited to one market, which is why we are strategically expanding to Houston, Texas.

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Expected to SURPASS our beloved hometown as the third largest city in America, Houston is booming, and it’s fitness industry is no exception. A year ago, I took a trip out there to meet with a handful of trainers, and I couldn’t have been more impressed. I was greeted with open arms and each trainer had something different to offer. They were highly professional and displayed a genuine passion for fitness and personal wellness. From that point, I knew that Houston would be the perfect second market to enter. Currently with over fifty personal trainers in Houston, we are looking to become the most highly regarded personal trainer marketplace in Houston. If you are a certified personal trainer looking to build your independent business, contact us today to learn more.

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