Believe it or not, Houston, TX has become a fitness hub. About to surpass Chicago as the third largest city in the country, Houston has a population of over 2.2 million and continues to grow month over month. With such a boom in population growth, demand for certified personal trainers in Houston continues to increase. The personal training industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the country, and Houston is one of the fastest growing American cities. Naturally, Houston has become one of the most popular personal training cities in the country.
One of the most important criteria to consider when hiring a personal trainer is cost. How much does the average session cost? Can I get a discount if I buy in bulk? Is it cheaper to do partner sessions? These are questions that most people consider before making a purchase. Well, I am here to offer a pricing breakdown to anyone interested in hiring a personal trainer.
Personal trainer with client60 Minute Sessions
At RightFit Personal Training, hour-long sessions are most popular amongst our clients. Typically, a 60 minute session consists of a five to ten minute warm-up, 45-50 minutes of hard work, and a five minute cool-down. The average price of a 60 minute session is $75.
45 Minute Sessions
Want a great workout but don’t want to break the bank? 45 minute sessions might be right for you. With an average cost of $65 per session, your trainer might instruct you to warm-up and cool-down on your own.
30 Minute Sessions
Do you feel like you are in a constant time crunch? Don’t put off your workouts because of your busy schedule. Half hour personal training sessions are effective and affordable. At around $50 per session, you can get in a heart-pumping, high intensity workout that will leave you sweating through your clothes.
Partner Sessions
Want to save some cash but not shorten your workout? Bring a friend! Working out with a friend, loved one, or worker can prove to be more fun and more affordable.
Buy in bulk, and save per session. We offer packages of 5, 10, 15, 20, and 30 sessions. The per session cost drops with every package increase.
At RightFit Personal Training, we will set you up with a trainer who fits your availability, personality, and budget. We understand the importance of personal finance and try to work around everyone’s budget.
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