Denver, CO | Client Success Story

Original Post written by Stephanie Price, Certified Personal Trainer in Denver, CO

I am a personal trainer/fitness nutrition specialist with 15+ years of experience. I grew up as a multi-sport athlete culminating with college varsity soccer. I was always the go-to person when someone wanted to take their game to the next level or simply just get in shape. I thoroughly enjoy helping people realize their inner fitness warrior and make the lifestyle changes necessary. I have a BS in Physical Education with multiple personal training certifications through NASM/AFAA and train a wide range of people from High School and College athletes to the elderly. I love what I do and my goal is to help you reach yours!
My client Vern who is 71 years of age came to me wanting to improve his health about 7 years ago. When he first started he could hardly ride a bike 3 miles or walk up a staircase of more than 20 stairs without being extremely exhausted. Now he is riding 50 miles at a time up steep hills, running up and down high altitude stairs (Red Rocks Amphitheater) and feels great!

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