Whether you are getting ready for your wedding, want to look good at the beach or are just looking to shed a few pounds many people want to find the best weight loss trainer in Houston. In addition to taking advantage of the many places for healthy eating in Houston, a weight loss trainer can really help you build out and execute on a plan to hit your weight loss goals.

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To help you quickly and easily find the best weight loss trainers in Houston, we have listed the current top rated weight loss trainers on RightFit. Below are the best personal trainers in Houston, Crissy R, Artemis R, and Ricky J. We have also included information such as their rates, where they train, their philosophies and specifically their experience in weight loss training.

Crissy R.

Crissy has been training professionally since July of 2010. Her philosophy is that being healthy is a lifestyle and anything is possible with the right mindset, support and motivation. She loves educating others and wants to help her client tackle their weight loss goals and believes they can put together a plan to achieve it. Just check out her client reviews and you will see why she is one of the best weight loss trainers in Houston. In the reviews the clients talk about how she is a great motivator and knows how to push her clients beyond what they thought they could do, to transform their fitness.
Her certifications include: ACE and NASM
Her weight loss related specialties include: Body Transformation, Bootcamps, riday Prep, Core Training, Fat Loss, Full Body, General Wellness/Fitness, Goal Setting, High Intensity, Interval Training, Muscle Tone, Nutrition, Toning, Weight Loss and Weight Management.
Houston Locations serviced include: 77019, 77027, 77010, 77005 and 77003
Rates: Home rate is $80 an hour and facility rate is $70 an hour.

Artemis R

Artemis has been training professionally since 2006, and began her personal trainer journey with yoga. She has a perfect rating on Rightfit and by looking at her reviews you can see she is able to motivate her clients to change both physically and mentally. Her attitude makes her clients want to work hard, do a good job and hit their goals. Her teaching style helps her clients reach beyond their perceived limitations, which will assist in hitting their weight loss goals.
Her certifications include: ACE, Yoga, Pilates Mat and Pre and Post Natal.
Her weight loss specialties include: Bootcamps, Bridal Prep, General Wellness/Fitness, Nutrition, Pilates, Toning, Weight Loss and Yoga
Houston Locations serviced include: 77019, 77005, 77002, 77006, 77401
Rates: Home and facility rates are both $60 a hour, while group rates are $30 a hour.

Ricky J

Ricky had been training professionally since 2001, but has been involved in fitness for the last 30 years and truly specializes in weight loss. Looking at his reviews, one that sticks out is a client that talks about how they were never really satisfied with their results and felt they could always lose an extra five to ten pounds. That was until the client met Ricky, who helped design a program to be exactly what they needed to achieve their own individual goals.
His certifications include: PTI and CSCCa (member)
His weight loss specialties include: Athletic Training, Bootcamps, Fat Loss, General Wellness/Fitness, High Impact Training, High Intensity and Weight Loss.
Houston Locations serviced include: 77027, 77046, 77098, 77056
Rates: Facility and group rate at $50 a hour, while home rate is $100 a hour.
These are currently the best weight loss trainers on RightFit based on rating, however there are many more options. View our all our Houston Personal Trainers, to find the right weight loss trainer for you.
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