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Working with a Personal Trainer

There are many reasons to work with a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) to achieve your goals, foremost of which is that they provide a holistic and personalized training plan to teach you the correct way to exercise and gain muscle. Most people generally do not have the time to dedicate their lives to fitness, and they will wander into the gym without a plan hoping it will help develop their muscles. Building muscle mass, however, is a much more complex process than that, and it involves a proper workout regimen combined with proper diet and sleep. If your ultimate goal is to tone your body and build muscle, working with a CPT will help you achieve your goal in optimal time and help you get to know your body better.

Exercises for Muscle Gain

If you don’t know your body and which exercises are most effective to help you build muscle then you’re unlikely to reach your goal, and you might even get injured in the process. A good CPT has experience with many body types and is also in-tune with their own. They can, therefore, determine what changes you’ll need to make to reach your goal. A CPT can offer their knowledge and teach you which exercises are best for muscle gain as well as proper form and function, especially when it comes to exercises like Olympic lifts, squats and deadlifts. Knowing how to properly perform these compound movement can improve results exponentially and prevent injury, reports Muscle and Fitness.

These methods are becoming more effective with the advancements in wearable digital tracking technology, which CPTs often use to track anything from your sleep, nutrition, heart rate, and proper movement, to oxygen saturation in your blood to ensure you are getting the most efficient, injury free workout. Soccer clubs and NFL teams use this kind of data drawn from wearable devices to monitor players heart rates and other vitals. Coral’s long-form article on ‘The Impact of Technology on Sports’ also documents how they pick up any abnormalities and reduce injuries. As such, the need to track data is needed when prescribing a workout program is very important. If you’re going to use data to prescribe a program, The New York Times suggest you need reliable data. CPTs can use the tracking data to customize your workout, prevent injury and more importantly recommend lifestyle changes to your diet regimen and sleep.


What you eat, and how much sleep and rest you get will determine how well you develop your muscles. Despite popular belief, muscles aren’t built in the gym or during exercise; they are built in your kitchen and in your bedroom. Dr. Grant Tinsley on Healthline claims that a proper diet includes calories from a good balance of muscle building foods like proteins – fish, eggs, and chicken -, carbohydrates – rice and potatoes – , and healthy fats. These are necessary sources of energy for building muscle. A CPT will be able to draw up a nutrition plan and rest schedule for you to ensure optimal muscle growth. Proper rest and sleep aid in rebuilding damaged muscle tissue and reduce stress, which can hamper your body from healing.


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