Benefits of Hiring a Personal Trainer in Houston

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Benefits of Hiring a Personal Trainer in Houston

Original post written by Bree Turner, Houston Personal Trainer 

When people think of Houston, fitness is probably not on the top of their minds. We are a unique, diverse, fun and laid back city with delicious food on every corner. But fit and healthy is not really something that is associated with Htown. Maybe if more of us jumped on the fitness bandwagon, we could change that. The bandwagon won’t just get us to “fit city” status, it’ll help us more fully enjoy what Houston has to offer.

Becoming Fit to Enjoy the City

I know that sounds like a load of bull: becoming fit to enjoy the city. Hear me out for a second. When you work with a personal trainer you get a personalized, one-on-one workout program. This will transform your life in ways well beyond getting swole. Some of the benefits from that plan will help you relieve stress, have a healthier heart, get more zzz’s, and build up confidence and a better mood. Oh, and let’s not forget move with less pain, and, yes, build muscle, endurance, and reach some serious nutrition goals.

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A Nutrition Plan that Works for You

Now look at what that brings through a Houston lense: a trainer helps you find a nutrition plan that works for you. This means making more nutrient dense food choices so when you do go out and try a new restaurant it won’t slow down progress. No more feeling guilty about food. None of that. You can go to town on the next amazing restaurant that pops up.

Personalized Plan

With a personalized plan, a trainer can target pain points and asymmetries in your body and focus on alleviating those. This plan could also include endurance and muscle building, depending on your goals. Now with all that reduced pain and extra endurance you can go out with your friends, go dancing, and party with all that endurance. Or, just lie by the pool feeling like a warrior in your body: beers and all.

Less Stress

After following this plan for a bit, mood will improve and stress will plummet. Now, if that’s not a good reason to exercise, I don’t know what else to say. Less stress and a better outlook will benefit us all. Think of a bunch of Houstonians, feeling zen on 59, or God forbid, 290, at any point in the day (we all know rush hour is an all day thing now).
A personal trainer will show you how to move properly, exercise safely, choose food that will lead to your goals, and get the confidence and body that you desire. Now, Houston, if we all did this fitness thing maybe our town would also be known for how healthy, fit, and happy we are.

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