5 Tips to Easy Healthy Eating from a Registered Dietitian

Perfect Fit Meals HoustonBy Perfect Fit Meals Registered Dietitian, Becky Nichols RD LD

It’s that time of year when everyone starts to refocus on their health and nutrition. With all the information out there it can get confusing what is the best and safest way to achieve your goals. I’d love to share with you my five best tips for easy healthy eating.

1. Plan ahead! If this article was about the one tip on easy healthy eating this would be it. Planning sets you up and leads you to success. You ask how? Plan your meals out for the week on a calendar. After you plan those meals it’s super easy to then make a grocery list based off that plan. This allows you to buy what you need and nothing extra, which helps you save money! After you have your groceries at home you can choose to meal prep all at once or cook on a daily or every few days basis. Planning is the key though! Plan those meals.

2. Focus on whole foods. No, not the store, but what I mean is, think of food first. There are so many supplements and such out there, but truthfully by singling out an element of a food it doesn’t act the same as it would in its natural environment. So just eat the orange instead of juicing that orange. There’s so much fiber and other items you miss when you juice. This pertains to all your food including protein and carbohydrates too. Think of whole grains when choosing carbohydrates and think of leaner proteins.

3. Don’t forget your fruits and veggies. Fruits and vegetables are full of beneficial vitamins and minerals. It’d be a crime to skip them. Try to eat the rainbow on a weekly basis to cover the whole spectrum of vitamins and minerals. Explore new fruits and vegetables and make it a fun adventure to figure out how to prepare that new food.

4. Indulge a little. Did I just advise you to eat that cookie? Yes, I did! I didn’t advise you to eat that cookie every day, but maybe once or twice a week sure. I find it a lot easier to stick to my plan if I give myself a little leeway once and a while to have that cookie, burger, or whatever it may be. A little reward every so often will allow you to appreciate that healthy food even more.

5. Listen to your body. There’s so much our bodies tell us, but we are typically too busy to listen. Listen to your body when it’s hungry, when it’s full, when it’s thirsty, when it’s craving things, etc. There’s so much you can learn. If you are craving a food sometimes it’s because you are deficient in a vitamin or mineral. If you have a terrible stomachache after lunch figure out why? Is it something you had or maybe stress? Take time to listen and change based on those cues and your body will thank you!

These may not have been what you are hoping for when you started reading this because they aren’t hard and fast rules on how to lose weight, but they are great guidelines on how to make a new lifestyle for yourself that is going to stick and be successful. I find when you can find something that works for you and your lifestyle that’s when you will be most successful. Hopefully at least one of these tips will help you in your journey.


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Perfect Fit Meals’ USDA certified kitchen and professionally trained staff is based in Houston, TX. Started in early 2010, the meals are currently sold through Kroger stores in Houston, Dallas, and Detroit metro areas. Operations are expanding to new grocery retailers and new geographic locations.

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