Raymond Gonzales

Roseville, CA

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About Raymond Gonzales

Hi, I’m Raymond. I’m a personal trainer that specializes in conditioning, cardio-respiratory health, strength training, nutrition, program design, bodybuilding, and calisthenics. I’m currently pursuing my certifications for Corrective Exercise Specialist, and Performance Enhancement Specialist. I have experience with, and work well with all types of clients; anywhere from bodybuilders, athletes, to weight loss clients, balance and flexibility clients and beyond. I have experience training seniors and high school students, as well. I have a very honest, straightforward, positive and encouraging approach to training my clients. I use a no-nonsense, science-based method to train my clients, and help them reach their goals efficiently as possible so no time is wasted.

NASMCertified Personal TrainerCertified Nutrition CoachCertified MMA Conditioning SpecialistCertified Virtual Coaching Specialist

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  • Hourly rate: $125

  • Session cancellation: 24 hours notice required

Training Philosophy
Work hard and believe in the process.

Training Professionally Since

Typical Training Session

First, I would do a postural and movement assessment for the client to see if there are any outstanding muscle imbalances, or posture distortions that need to be addressed. After that has been done, then I would speak with the client about what they typically do day-to-day, and find out what their goals and wants are. After establishing some background and information about their goals, I would then start writing a program for them to follow to reach their goals.
A typical training session will vary from client to client. Some things remain constant, though. I would train the client for an hour, total. The first 5 minutes would be a warm-up, then the bulk of the time would be focused on an exercise routine specific to their goals, and a cool-down for the last 5 minutes with some stretching and foam rolling, if necessary.

Client success story

Brandon H. Client Testimonial for Ascension Fitness and Nutrition

“I play in a competitive I.S.L. (Indoor Soccer League) and needed help getting back into playing shape after some time off due to covid. I trained with Ray when he was a working for Crunch as a Personal Trainer, and I trust him.
The results I got were consistent, and the training sessions were always positive. Ray got me into competitive shape while also helping to strengthen areas that were affected by playing injuries. I have a repaired knee and shoulder. His instruction and support helped to increase mobility and strength to avoid pain and further injury.
All exercises were always incremental with the focus being proper form with gradual and sustained progress. Ray’s one on one interaction is always informative, focused, and fun. His knowledge is confident but not pretentious. He always keeps the atmosphere of the sessions light, which helps the time fly by. That always made the results appear quicker. Working out can sometimes feel like a chore, but Ray really communicates with you, the person, and not just some number.
He’s always receptive to goals and shortcomings and always handles situations with care and respect. I would recommend anyone to Ray. The newbie looking to make positive changes will find a supportive and positive coach. The athlete will find a knowledgeable and motivating trainer that knows how to maximize results and focus.
I’ve worked with well over a dozen trainers in the past 20 years and I choose Ray to keep me in competitive shape, keep me motivated, and provide the experience I’m looking for when working out. I want to enjoy the process, and Ray carries the traits necessary to satisfy both the results and the experience.”

Deborah P. Client Testimonial for Ascension Fitness and Nutrition

“Bravo to Raymond Gonzales of Ascension Training. Getting back to strength
training is always a challenge after injury or inactivity. During our first session, he
actually did a full physical assessment. After the assessment, he taught me
various stretches to prepare me for the strength training sessions to come.
There’s a critical balance between resting an injured body part and total
inactivity that can weaken the area. I am a moderately fit senior and have been
injured twice by trainers who seemed to assign the same workouts to all their
clients; young or old, fit or returning. I started with a shoulder injury and Ray
assigned exercises to both stretch and strengthen so I could work my entire
I have worked with trainers and physical therapist who often view the body in
segments. Some exercises that are good for the back, for example, often require
positions, (such as kneeling) that hurt the knees. I have been working-out with
Raymond for the past several months and my growth in strength and balance is
quite evident.
His approach is well thought-out. He is careful to gently push when you need
pushing, and always respectful. I recommend him to my friends with great
confidence. He’s my Trainer for Life.” -Deborah P.


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Raymond Gonzales

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