Collin Harshberger

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

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About Collin Harshberger

I have been training on my own for eight years, two of those years were strictly calisthenics (body weight training).

As a personal trainer I have trained hundreds and hundreds of clients over a four year span. Some clients were online, over the phone, causal friends and most were in person at the gym, or just at the park. Anywhere you go I can train you, one of my best abilities is to create a workout out of nothing, with more resistance than a simple weight in the gym can do.

1.Traveled most of the world by the age of 21.

  1. Four years Certified NASM trainer, with four years of CPR/AED Certification.

3.Associates Degree in Exercise Science(Kinesiology).

4.Sponsored Fitness Model Athlete with FS agency.

5.Competed in many Fitness model competitions and placed top 3.

6.Have been published on a Fitness Magazine!

Those are just six reasons for why you should train with me, now give me six reasons why you should not get started today!
My plan doesn’t just get you to a goal or set you up for success, it is made to keep you there for life and guarantee you the knowledge to maintain yourself exactly where you wanna be and limitless potential.

NASMFirst Aid/Cpr certification with red cross

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  • Hourly rate: $50

  • Session cancellation: 24 hours notice required

Training Philosophy
My plan doesn’t just get you to a goal or set you up for success, it is made to keep you there for life and guarantee you the knowledge to maintain yourself exactly where you wanna be and limitless potential.

Training Professionally Since
November 1, 2015

Typical Training Session

Based on your new lifestyle plan, we will discuss when we will start, what you need to prepare for, etc.
There are some essentials you will need before Fitness Assessment can take place;
1. Cloth Measuring tape
2.Food Scale
4.Skin fold calipers
5. gym/park/house
All sessions and check ins will be documented and progress will be noted.
I will measure my clients and or help my online clients do this throughout the course of the plans.
Towards the end of the month I will contact you on continuation towards lifelong aesthetics

Start training
Body mind analysis
Measurements record
Skin fold test the 4 tests in milimeter
Functionality test
Injury analysis
Health analysis
Set goals
Fitness assessment

Client success story

Collin was my first personal trainer ever. He gave me an awesome experience I stayed with him for six months and i seen a big change in my body figure, energy, excitement, and overall life outlook. I would recommend him to anyone he’s a great guy with a good personality nice big muscles of his own and he really knows how to pinpoint your trouble areas. Collin you’re the greatest!

-jackie Robinson

Collin at that time was a excellent trainer outgoing straight to the point, and guides you in every step to achieve your goal. I greatly appreciate his honesty in telling you the true it builds a great relationship in session to come.

-oswaldo Crespin

i don’t have any images, but

i can remember that you got to know me and what i’m capable of before jumping into something intense or extreme for my body type. you explained everything throughly and helped me understand what muscle i was working out. the guidance you gave me was fantastic. you showed me what to do first then corrected my form if it was wrong/off and pushed me to do better! you are 100 percent a phenomenal trainer/person/friend/leader!

-lauren Tanner

You were always a great and always pushed me to my limits!

-evan Smith

I’m not a gym rat by any stretch of the imagination, but Collin makes my training sessions a lot of fun and a source of positivity in my week. Collin is a reliable and upbeat trainer that motivates me by using a combination of cardio and weight training that gives me the results I desire. By focusing on what I want and introducing new techniques to find what works for my personality and aging body, he gives me the knowledge and encouragement to continue on my own at home or at the gym. For the past two years, Collin has been a positive and engaging trainer that gets me the results I want and keeps me coming back for more. When my 22 year old daughter says my butt is looking good, I know it’s working!

Suzanne benitz

Working with Collin really motivated me to turn fitness into a lifestyle. His training techniques set me up with skills I see myself using throughout my lifetime. He always had a positive attitude and pushed me further than I thought I could go. No minute was wasted during any of our sessions. I’d strongly recommend him to anyone of any age seeing as he has the ability to adapt to your specific wants and needs.

Christian Diaz

Colin was helpful in teaching effective workouts that matched my goals. Before training with Colin my knowledge of good workout routines was limited but after I gained a number of great workouts and workout ethic to push myself.


I went to the gym trying to find a trainer to help me gain muscle weight and become even more active. I’ve been training with Collin for about 3 months. I specifically like training without machines and weights, so he’s catered to that by teaching me calisthenics. He’s taught me a lot of workouts! My strength has increased significantly since he started training me, and I look forward to meet-ups with Collin, because he always has something new to teach me and he pushes me to my physical limits which gets me results. He knows how to pinpoint what each person needs – like a trainer should. I’d highly recommend Collin if you’re looking for any kind of fitness goal.

Hannan noer

Collin is knowledgeable, professional and an outstanding trainer. My son has been with him for a few months to improve his speed, strength and agility. He is extreme passionate about his training. I would call him a serious trainer and very dedicated to what he does. He is very easy to work with and would accommodate our schedule as best as he could.

Jie Ren

Ok…. here you go. Hopefully, it isn’t too long.
When I started training with Collin, I was new to working out. Honestly, I didn’t think that I would stick with it as I have several medical issues that I deal with on a daily basis. I couldn’t even sit on the ground, much less get myself back up. I am happy to say that this has changed with Collin’s help. I can sit on the ground and get myself up. I can do a plank!! I can make it through an hour training session with Collin. (and believe me, that isn’t easy!). With Collin’s help and guidance I have discovered that I can exercise. I would highly recommend Collin. He is great at adapting exercises for medical issues. Collin is great to work with, has lots of patience, and is a great motivator!! Hope that this helps. I have no pictures to add.

Heidi Reifeiss

I started training with Collin 3 years ago. After joining a new gym I didn’t know where to start. I walked to the bench press and threw some weights on the bar. Eventually I needed someone to spot me so I asked Collin to help me out. Ever since then he has taught me a lot about weight lifting and fitness. He is super helpful with creating the best workouts and meal plans for me. He helped me reach my goal of squating 405 at 16 years old.

Daniel client

I met Collin back in March of 2018 when he began training with my 15 year old son. His sessions were grueling but very efficient! My son enjoyed working with him because he was always very encouraging. He also came highly recommend by one of his managers. And even though we have started our own routine He’s been great at keeping in contact with us and making sure we stay on track. Thanks again Collin !

Rosalia Treto

Collin is a very helpful guy who encourages you to work out and is a very funny personality . He teaches you new moves to work out and ways to lose weight while eating.

Rosalia Treto son

When I first started I didn’t know how some of the machines worked and had very little experience with a proper workout routine. I weighed around 120 pounds and struggled to gain muscle. After the training sessions I had with Collin I began to understand what a workout routine is like and how to properly diet to gain muscle. After the sessions I have since gained up to almost 140 pounds and I am more confident in my workouts. Collin helped with outlining a diet plan for me and also outlining a workout strategy to follow to maximize the results.

Richard Titus

I had the pleasure working with collin, as he was my trainer. I found him knowledgeable in technical workouts that I was not accustom too, yet the results I found to be very beneficial. Collin is a go getter and will challenge you to do your best. Thanks Collin

Laith client

Surfing, snowboarding, rock climbing, calisthenics, bodyweight training, Fitness model, modeling, entrepreneur, business, college, fast cars, humble and hungry

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Collin Harshberger

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