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Denver, CO

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About Jamie Fornal

I’ve spent the last 11 years living in various regions of the country, gaining insight into different aspects of health, wellness, and fitness. I’ve come to realize that everybody wants the same thing: to be satisfied with how their body looks and feels. My programs teach clients how to move better which alleviates pain, improves body composition, increases strength and power, improves mood and confidence.

I have a Masters’ Degree in Kinesiology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Pre-Physical Therapy. With my combined years of experience in orthopedic surgery, physical therapy, professional sports training, strength and conditioning, reactive and neurological training, nutrition, and alternative medicine, I’ve found great success with people who were previously “stuck”. If you want to hurt less while losing weight, or want to improve your performance on the field/court, I can help.


Core TrainingDisease Specific TrainingGeneral Wellness/FitnessMobility TrainingPerformance EnhancementPersonalized FitnessRehab (Pre and Post)Sports PerformanceNeurokinetic Therapy

  • Hourly rate: $135

  • Session cancellation: 24 hours notice required

Training Philosophy
I take complex concepts and make them easy to understand and apply to your life.

Training Professionally Since

Typical Training Session

You can expect 3 things:
1. Mobilization of overactive areas
2. Activation of underactive areas
3. Integration of dynamic movement patterns

Oh, and a sense of accomplishment!

Client success story

“I’ve had a few personal trainers over the years, but Jamie is by far the one with which I’ve boasted the most success and whose talents I have yet to find elsewhere. Under her guidance I lost 30 pounds and achieved goals I never thought possible. I missed her as a trainer once she moved on to bigger things, and highly recommend her to anyone who wants nurturing and diligent guidance towards their fitness goals.”
– Brandon W. from Washington –

“Jamie is a knowledgeable and dynamic fitness professional. She uses her education along with her experience as a trainer and athlete to help in a focused and responsive manner. In a short amount of time I have experienced great improvements in my fitness. Not only does she encourage you to push hard but she makes everyone feel comfortable despite your starting point. She matches your program to your current level while keeping in mind the end goal and commits to getting you there no matter how far you may think you are. Blessed to have her as a trainer and athletic performance coach!”
– Marisa G. from Texas –

“In the time I worked with Jamie, she helped me build a good base for strength which aligned well with my fitness goals given my diet restrictions and previous knee injuries. I greatly appreciated her flexibility in training style and knowledge when working with me to prevent further injury. In addition, I have worked with other trainers in the past that had their own opinions on what I should and should not be doing for nutrition and my progress with them suffered due to their attitude towards how I wanted to achieve my goals. I never felt anything but positive, unbiased support and guidance from Jamie and would recommend her to anyone that is looking to improve their quality of life through fitness.”
– Will T. from Washington –

“Working with Jamie for 2x week for 4.5 months, I lost 10 lbs and fit into pants I haven’t worn in a year! Additionally, I can feel how much stronger I’ve become, and can see muscles that I haven’t had in quite some time! Jamie never pushed too far, but only far enough to get the results I wanted without too much soreness or fatigue after the fact!.”
– Brittani M. from South Carolina –

“I thought I was doing well in the weight room until I trained with Jamie. She introduced me to new exercises, and I was sore in places I never even thought could be sore. Jamie is the most patient trainer that I’ve ever met. She did so well explaining exercises to me and demonstrating them if I needed. She helped me eliminate my shoulder pain by explaining what could be causing it, and giving me exercises to fix it. Jamie is one of the good ones; she is the best trainer that I’ve worked with. I would highly recommend her to anyone.”
– Megan S. from Illinois –

Being on any body of water, loving on animals, hikes in areas with no cell phone reception, bonfires with beer and buds (friends), and eating good food.

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Jamie Fornal

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