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Deerfield, IL

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About Donny Thompson

Functional Aging Specialist. Senior Fitness Expert. Refuse to grow old gracefully, fight it every chance you get. Movement creates movement…so keep on moving.

Owner of Thompson Fitness in Deerfield, IL. In studio fitness and special locations/engagements/workshops/seminars.

As a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Donny has worked with clients of all levels. He has worked with the fitness novice, just beginning a workout regimen, as well as high school, college, and professional athletes, and of course all areas in between and beyond. He is dedicated to creating specific programs, designed to improve the overall fitness of each individual.

Donny grew up, and remained local. An athlete in his youth as well as college, he was no stranger to the discipline that it takes to be dedicated to health, wellness, and fitness. Armed with advanced degrees in physical education and personal training, Donny had the opportunity to work closely with the powerful strength and conditioning department of the Chicago Bulls. After deciding to move more into the private sector of strength and conditioning training, he continued with many high school, college, and professional athletes with one on one instruction. This instruction included but was not limited to, form and skill correction and modification, strength and agility training, as well as overall conditioning (and of course motivational pep talks!)

Donny has been in this field his entire life; and as a professional now over 25 years. He has seen many changes. Keeping up to date is key. Form is a must. Guidance is a pulls it all together. He is not into the fads, but instead, what works to help the body, not hurt it.

Donny has been working with quite a few of his clients for many years. This is why he decided to get involved with Functional Fitness for the aging/Senior Fitness. This has since become a truly focused passion.

His philosophy behind senior fitness is simple. “Live the best life possible.” This means fitness goals of many levels. Fitness in the body, assists the wellness of the mind. Whether it be general fitness, pre or post surgical (to aid in the recovery, and picking up where Physical Therapy leaves off; even working with a client’s PT) returning to exercise after a hiatus, or simply a lifestyle change.

Services include one-on-one instruction on the various components of exercise: strength training, sports conditioning, flexibility, pre and post-rehabilitation exercise, and those interested in weight management.

ACENASMFunctional Aging Specialist (FAS)

Balance TrainingCore TrainingCorrective ExerciseFunctional TrainingGeneral Wellness/FitnessGeriatric Fitness TrainingGoal SettingInjury PreventionPersonalized FitnessRehab (Pre and Post)

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Donny Thompson

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