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About Exy-Fable M

My vibe is encouraging, understanding, and trauma-informed. I am an inclusive, neurodivergent, Trauma-informed coach for all bodies, genders, and people. I focus on injury prevention and pain management (then we move into #beastmode, or maybe #wegotoffthecouchmode).

With trauma-informed coaching I am attuned to sensory needs, fight/flight/fawn responses, and triggers. I will always listen and respect what is said about feelings and needs. We will work on specific exercises based on your body’s responses (including fight/flight/fawn), and eventually this can push your window of tolerance. This means, we will create a safe space and when you’re ready, use exercises to expand your ability to handle stress without slipping into old patterns.

I work with seniors, LGBT folx, Neurodiverse people, and a variety of body types and fitness levels. My goals are for my people to feel seen, safe, and valid while we work to improve their quality of life. I use authenticity and thoughtful encouragement to create a plan of mindfulness, and movement, regardless of fitness level, gender, or body type.

*my reviews use my deadname, Bree, but it’s still me!

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  • Hourly rate: $85

  • Session cancellation: 24 hours notice required

Training Philosophy
A kind, encouraging, and fun training style. I will create a safe, inclusive space for you no matter your gender, fitness level, or body type.

Training Professionally Since
February 7, 2014

Typical Training Session

Health For All of Y’all: Strength For Every Mind, Fitness For Every Body.

All bodies are good bodies.

Client success story

“Seven or so months ago, I knew I had to do something. Although I was a generally thin 35 year old man, I had a chronically injured lower back, tight hamstrings, and poor conditioning. I had strength and flexibility imbalances everywhere, which I had come to learn was causing my back injury. I also had not regularly worked out since college.

After telling my sad story to Bree, she led me through a training program that became increasingly more rigorous over time. Very quickly I realized that Bree’s workouts were the real deal — they were at the cutting edge of high-intensity and body balance training methods, and yet, she had a knack for keeping things at your level but slowing ratcheting the difficulty to improve overall performance and push me to do my best.

In a matter of a few months, the improvement was obvious and striking. I lasted much longer, lifted up to 80-100% more weight (and more reps), and came away from workouts feeling energized. As to my back, Bree is very knowledgeable and supplemented my physical therapist (I had years of scar tissue back there) in developing exercises that strengthened my core and hamstrings and improved their flexibility.

And l can’t neglect to mention that Bree is also just a cool person. She’s the pro’s pro, both smart and driven and knows her craft. And yet she is good company and has supported me in the daily challenges with friendship and encouragement. I continue to train with Bree, and look forward to where we go from here.”

-Steven T.

I am a nonbinary weirdo who loves adventure, trying new food, writing, and interior design.

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