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Women’s fitness and health is very important to me. I specialize in pre/postnatal exercise. I am so passionate about training women during this special period in their lives b/c my father died of heart disease at age 38. Because of this, I was raised by my mom who used this horrific experience as an opportunity to learn everything she could about exercise and healthy living to prevent heart disease in her kids. This made a strong impact on me and has inspired me to help new parents fully understand how they are directly influencing the health of their children and this should start in the womb. It is the perfect time to start exercising even if you have never exercised before (as long as it is ok with your doctor). Women who exercise during pregnancy experience easier, quicker births, and bounce back quicker than those who do not exercise. Exercising during pregnancy makes your baby stronger and leaner. The benefits of exercising while pregnant are endless; it is safe, recommended and can be tons of fun with a great return on investment!


Pre and Post Natal TrainingWomen's health and fitness

  • Hourly rate: $140

  • Session cancellation: 24 hours notice required

Training Philosophy
Push yourself while listening to the subtle cues your body is giving you

Training Professionally Since
July 7, 2007

Typical Training Session

A typical training session begins with a dynamic warmup (roughly 8 mins), followed by a uniquely designed program (by me) which may consist of weight training, body weight training, resistance bands, TRX, interval training, and balance training, followed by a cool down, foam rolling, and gentle stretching.

Client success story

The best success stories are of those who start seeing training as an activity that adds value to their lives, something they genuinely enjoy participating in, and that they know is improving the quality and longevity of their lives

I love hiking, biking, and gardening

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Julia Broome

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