Austin, TX Personal Trainer - Benjamin M

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What's your "WHY?" You and I have been asked that question in our lifetime, and if you haven't been asked yet...well then I'm the first to ask so that I can help you understand and find your "WHY."

Curious as to what mine is? We'll get to that. In order to understand my "WHY," you'll need to understand my journey.

I've always been physically active, played sports, outdoor recreation, any physical activity I could partake in. In 2010, I pursued a degree in Kinesiology for a better understanding to the commitment I made that year to become involved in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor at my recreation department. I always enjoyed helping people, create a team or community, bring life to an environment and as a fitness professional I couldn't ask for a more challenging yet satisfying opportunity to do so through physical activity and exercise.

I've worked at institutions of corporate wellness, group fitness classes, bootcamps, experienced fitness expos, continued education courses, and various clientele who pushed the limits of my training methodology and practices, certified and educated in multiple institutions and platforms- NASM, Functional Patterns, EXOS, Trigger Point, just to name a few. I've been in the fitness industry with 7 years of experience and I know I had to be integrated and so did fitness. I wanted to fix dysfunctions, make people happy with their physique, push clients' athletic capabilities, refer colleagues to physical therapists and yoga instructors, interview other personal trainers for insight, and adopted mentors for further learning and offered mentorship to those who needed it, all of it. That's how fitness works, and so does our bodies... integration, connecting, teamwork from every aspect and angle for the body and most importantly...your goals.

So what is my "WHY?" - I'm here to make life easier through the implementation and education of exercise and nutrition in order to optimize your body's health and wellness.

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Training Professionally Since
August 31, 2010
Standard Certifications
Additional Certifications
(Functional Patterns- Human Biomechanics Specialist) (NASM- Corrective Exercise Specialist) (EXOS- Exercise Performance Specialist) (Trigger Point- Myofascial Compression Techniques Specialist Lvl 2) (HIGHX- Circuit Training Highx Coach)
Fitness Components
Cardio Fitness, Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, Flexibility
Personal Training Style

I orient my training around respecting the biomechanics of the body. I condition the Myofascial sling networks and subsystems of muscles in an integrated and functional process that allows new neuromuscular associations to be created (aka mind-body connections and muscle memory at a deeper foundation). I circuit the appropriate techniques and skill a that align the spine into structural integrity of stacking the joints which improves posture and decreases the risk of injury during the session. Depending on the goal of the client, I circuit and incorporate the correct exercises prescription needed to accomplish the task at hand, thus optimizing the body's exercise performance and achieving results on a consistent basis.

Cancellation Policy

Any cancellation/reschedule within 24 hours will result in the session being marked as completed. Any cancellation/reschedule outside of the 24 hour window will not result in the session being used.

Fitness Evaluation

Gait analysis, postural assessment, functional dynamic movement screen, isometric muscular testing.

Bachelors of Science- Kinesiology Exercise Science from Angelo State University