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"All I knew was that I wanted a trainer, so to Yelp I went and found RightFit Personal Training. As soon as I filled out the Find Your Right Fit questionnaire I received an email from Matthew and we talked about what I was looking for. He immediately matched me up with Genaro Mendez and it has been wonderful from the very beginning. Location is great, price is great, and I am already seeing results from working with G for the last three weeks. The workouts are intense and kick my butt every time, but there is nothing like working with someone who genuinely cares about helping me achieve my goals. I can't thank RightFit enough for matching me with G, I really look forward to working out now!"

− Lisa Z.

"RightFit Personal Training matches individuals with Personal Trainers in their area & based on their expertise. If you are looking for a Personal Trainer, RightFit is the first place you should look!"

− Rita P.

"RightFit Personal Training is a great resource for trainers and folks looking to get fit. You can tailor your search to an area of the city or suburbs, and specify what you're looking for in a trainer and what your goals are--the site does the work, providing you with the names of trainers who will best meet your needs. And it's free to search for a trainer! I highly recommend checking it out. Also a great way for personal trainers to connect with new clients."

− Mary L.