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5 Reasons To Practice Yoga

Original Post written by Bridget Bulmer, Certified Personal Trainer in Chicago, IL Yoga is a workout for both the body and the mind. Practicing yoga will, no doubt, help you look and feel incredible. Yoga is the art of mastering meditation, focusing concentration and allowing more freedom into your life. I have categorized the benefits of yoga into 5 reasons that nobody can deny. Yoga forces you to breathe and is a natural form of meditation Meditation increases blood flow to the prefrontal cortex and decreases the secretion of Cortisol, the primary stress hormone. Meditation has been known to decrease stress ...
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Benefits of Hiring a Personal Trainer in Houston

Original post written by Bree Turner, Houston Personal Trainer  When people think of Houston, fitness is probably not on the top of their minds. We are a unique, diverse, fun and laid back city with delicious food on every corner. But fit and healthy is not really something that is associated with Htown. Maybe if more of us jumped on the fitness bandwagon, we could change that. The bandwagon won’t just get us to “fit city” status, it’ll help us more fully enjoy what Houston has to offer. Becoming Fit to Enjoy the City I know that sounds like a load ...
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The Importance of a Balanced Self-Care Routine

Blog post written by Sheila Olson from FitSheila.com Most of us have known someone who complains that something is missing from their lives, that they have an empty space inside that leaves them unhappy and feeling incomplete. People who struggle with such nagging self-doubt may live for years without identifying the root of their problem. It’s interesting to consider how much good an understanding of self-care and an acceptance of its importance could do someone who suffers from such uncertainty. After all, self-care encompasses mental and emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. Its aim is to feed all of your needs so ...
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How to Find the Right Personal Trainer in Denver

Original Post written by Stephanie Price, Certified Personal Trainer in Denver, CO Denver, Colorado is a city bustling with life! With such a wide variety of activity and great weather, it is easy to find something that peaks any person's interest. From Red Rocks Amphitheater stair climb, numerous hiking/running trails just a few miles from the city, maintained downtown bike lanes and paths, various water sports on beautiful nearby lakes/pools, rollerblading/skateboarding, kickboxing, to simply a run in your own neighborhood using obstacles around you to strength train as you run. The sky is the limit! View all Personal Trainers in the ...
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Certified Personal Trainer Chicago Interview | Matt Flynn

Matt Flynn is a Certified Personal Trainer in Chicago, IL. Get to know this week’s RightFit Personal Training featured trainer, Matt Flynn. Matt has a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science along with a National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) certification.  Get an inside look at his experience, passions and guilty pleasures. Why did you become a personal trainer?  I took a kinesiology class in community college and fell in love with how the human body moves. I was working out at the time myself and wanted to help other people achieve their goals physically. Started training some friends and after I got my certification and did a few internships ...
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How To Set A Fitness Goal With The SMART Method

Original post written by Houston Personal Trainer Tori Hudson, Health & Fitness Lifestyle Coach How often do we hear people say (or say ourselves) that we want to get into better shape, but with no real idea of what this process is going to look like? Reaching a new fitness level requires setting a specific goal and tracking your progress along the way.  If we decide we want to improve our health, but don’t set any standards for what this entails, we will be setting ourselves up for failure. In this post, I want to share some tips on how to set your ...
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Certified Personal Trainer Austin Interview | Kayla Dorien

Kayla Dorien is a Certified Personal Trainer in Austin, TX. Get to know this week’s RightFit Personal Training featured trainer, Kayla Dorien. She is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and Performance Enhancement Specialist with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition Science. Using her education and certifications, as well as her own experiences and research, she has been able to help a wide variety of clients. Working with such a diverse group of clients over the years has allowed her to mold as a trainer and given her the opportunity to help many different people of all backgrounds, ages, and fitness abilities. Why ...
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How to Find the Right Personal Trainer in Chicago

Original Post written by Sandi Berger, Certified Personal Trainer in Chicago, IL As a personal trainer myself who has been successful in the fitness industry for over 25 years, I found that by really listening to what people want is key. Fitness is not a one size fits all. Anybody can put a dumbbell in your hand and say give me 15 reps. There is a real fitness to fitness training. And that finess comes with experience. Experience You want a trainer with at least 5 years experience, who is current in there certifications, CPR certified and who is fully bonded and insured. Don't be afraid to ask for a reference ...
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